Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Here you'll find a wide range of bluetooth ceiling speakers from top brands including Systemline, Lithe Audio, KB Sound and much more.

We have been selling bluetooth ceiling speakers for 5+ years now, this means you'll only find the best sounding and most reliable systems here. We've tried them all!

The Lithe Audio all in one bluetooth ceiling speaker is our most popular system, simply cut a hole in your ceiling, plug it into a power supply and you are up and running enjoying your music in no time.

If you prefer a stylish wall mounted keypad with built in DAB radio then look no further than the Systemline E100 - with a built in FM & DAB radio as well as a TV auxillary input and wireless bluetooth streaming - plenty of ways to enjoy your music.

The KB Sound iSelect range features an easy to use remote control and a completely hidden amplifier, just aim the remote control at the 2.5" or 5" ceiling speakers to control the system. Listen to FM & DAB radio or stream bluetooth with the optional KB Sound Bluetooth Dongle.

We're home audio experts so if you need any help designing or choosing your bluetooth ceiling speaker system then please feel free to get in touch with us on 02392 006118

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