Speaker Cable

Another part that can't be overlooked when installing your ceiling speaker system! You're going to need some speaker cable!

Here you'll find a few options for your home sound system. 


Number Of Cores = 2 core is most common, this will connect one speaker to the amplifier and is the most commonly used speaker cable. You'll also see a 4 core cable, this is ideal for use with single stereo speakers, a single speaker unit with two drivers so you'll still need four seperate cores, instead of running two seperate cables you can run one physcial cable.

Indoor or Outdoor = Most commonly you're going to be using indoor grade cable, and most of cables are just that. But if you're going to be putting speakers on the patio or in the garden then you'll want to use outdoor cable.


Which Speaker Cable?


All of our cables are good quality and suitable for the job, but some cables are better than others. We would reccomend spending as much as you can afford on cables, don't buy the cheapest cables available, they are an important aspect of your system.

We deliberately choose not to sell low-quality speaker cable so you can't go too far wrong with any of the cables we sell but a general rule of thumb is the more expensive it is, the better it'll be. (to a point! we don't sell "ultra high-end" cables as you're unlikely to notice the difference on the systems you'll find here)

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