Sonos Play 3

  1. Alphason Sonos Play 3 Floor Stand

    SKU: AS3003B

    The Alphason Floorstand for SONOS Play:3 boasts a slimline, acoustically dampened aluminium frame on a high quality base. 

  2. Alphason Sonos Play 3 Tilt & Swivel Bracket

    SKU: AS3001B

    Whichever way you wish to mount your Play:3, either vertically or horizontally, the Alphason P3 Wall Mount is the perfect solution, and boasts both vertical tilt and horizontal swivel.

  3. Cavus SN3T Turnable Wall Bracket for Sonos Sonos Play 3

    SKU: SN3T

    Cavus wall mounting solution for the Play:3. The speaker can be mounted to the wall in both a horizontal or vertical orientation as well as being rotated and tilted.

  4. Flexson Ceiling Mount for SONOS PLAY: 3 - White (Single)

    SKU: FLXP3CM1011

    Tilt it, swivel it, hang it! Flexson’s bespoke bracket for the SONOS PLAY: 3 allows you to hang your speaker from the ceiling in the ideal place to sound - and look great. 

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  5. Flexson Desk Stand For Sonos PLAY: 3

    SKU: FLXP3DS1021

    The Flexson Desk Stand for the SONOS PLAY:3 speaker is a compact, clever design that angles sound to your ear, minimises vibration and adds a stylish flair. Elegantly crafted from steel, the Flexson Desk Stand for SONOS PLAY:3 is engineered to be a perfect match for the speaker. 

  6. Flexson Floor Stand for SONOS PLAY:3

    SKU: FLXP3FS1011

    Flexson floor stands put your SONOS PLAY:3 speakers at the ideal listening height. Whether you're streaming music to a single speaker, or using a pair of PLAY:3 speakers in stereo, or in a 5.1 PLAYBAR set-up for your movies, TV and more, your system will look - and sound - great. 

  7. Flexson Wall Mount for SONOS PLAY:3

    SKU: FLXP3WB1011

    Tilt it, swivel it, rotate it - even hang it upside down! Flexson's bespoke bracket for the SONOS PLAY: 3 allows you to wall mount your speaker in the ideal place to sound - and look - great. 

  8. Cavus SNS3B Floor stand for Sonos Play:3 (Single)

    SKU: SNS3

    The special solution for mounting a Play:3 to a floor standard is available now. The stand has a sleek design and fits in to any home environment.

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    Out of stock

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