4 Ways To Protect Your Home With Smart Home Technology This Winter

As the nights draw in and it gets darker much earlier crime is bound to increase, and according to Co-Op Insurance that increase is by as much as 34 percent on average.

So now is the time to combat burglaries with smart technology to both deter, detect and to provide peace of mind to you and your family.

Here are four easy ways to increase your home security right now.


Smart Cameras - Y CAM


Adding smart cameras to the front, sides and rear of your property has multiple benefits.

Firstly you will be instantly alerted to motion detected by an alert on your smart phone with the free app.

Most smart cameras have the ability of two way talk, so if you see someone that shouldn't be there you can tell them politely to "jog on!".

And of course smart cameras record (either to the cloud, SD card or central recorder) so the footage can be reviewed and passed onto the police for further action.

Smart cameras are a great way to deter intruders too, if your home has signs of cameras and smart alarms and your neighbours don't, which one is most likely to be targeted? (we'd recommend that you show this blog to your neighbours too though!)


Smart Home Smart Alarm Systems


Smart cameras are good for seeing and deterring but what if an intruder continues past your cameras and tries to gain entry to your home?

Well the next step is a smart alarm system.

Smart alarm systems are easy to install, completely wireless and most are controlled by an easy to use app on your smart phone.

You can protect doors with door contacts, windows with window contacts and open areas with PIR sensors.

If an intruder tries to gain entry to your home through a door or window the siren will be activated and you will receive alerts on your phone.

Smart alarms can also be tied into other systems such as smart lighting...


Ring Floodlight Camera


According to the Co-Op insurance a lot of burglaries in the darker months are on un-occupied properties via forced entry. 

In most cases this will be when it's obvious you are not home, the house is dark with no signs of activity.

It's therefore a very good idea to install smart lighting, whether you go for a full system or just a few lamps in key areas.

Smart lighting such as smart bulbs or smart light switches will allow you to set timers and schedules so your lighting turns itself on and off, whether you are at home or not.

Most smart lighting systems also feature a "holiday mode" which will turn lights on and off in random orders at random times, emulating someone being home.

You can also tie most smart lighting systems into your smart alarm, if the alarm is activated then all of the lights can turn on... this serves multiple purposes both in scaring off the intruder and in making it easier for you to see (and potentially a little less scary!)

It's also worth adding security lights to the front, rear and sides of your property. These can be standard PIR sensor lights or smart lights, as long as they turn on when they detect motion you will be preventing crime.

You can even get smart cameras with built in LED lights such as the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam - this way you're ticking two boxes with one product.


Smart Doorbells At TECH4


This is a nice easy one and it's usually quick and easy to install too.

Smart video doorbells replace your existing standard door bell system (battery powered ones are also available!)

The video doorbell is always active and will pick up on any motion at the front or you house regardless of whether or not the doorbell button is pressed.

You'll get an instant alert on your smart phone saying that there is activity at your front door, you can then talk to the person, generally if they're not meant to be there they'll soon disappear.

As they are so easy to install this is a great way to get started, especially if you do not have side access to your home as the doorbell camera will be harder to avoid.



Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to improve your home security with smart home technology.

Here at TECH4 we firmly believe that burglars will avoid smart homes as they are too risky to try to break into, so by adding some smart technology you're giving yourself and your family some peace of mind and are taking an active stance against crime.

If you'd like to discuss smart home security with us please feel free to give one of our smart home advisers a call on 02392 006118 and we'll be happy to give you some free advice.

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