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6 Ways To Warn Off Would Be Burglars With Smart Home Devices

6 Ways To Warn Off Would Be Burglars With Smart Home Devices

Home security is a serious concern, it’s your castle and you’re quite right to want to protect your family, your home and your belongings.

Smart home devices can really assist with peace of mind by warning off burglars before they get the chance to break in.

Here’s some smart home security ideas to get you started...


EZVIZ Floodlight Camera

1. Security Lighting

One of the most effective ways of warning off intruders is with outdoor security lighting.

Burglars really don’t like to be seen!

Outdoor security lighting is a must and can be achieved in numerous ways, whether it’s a straight forward PIR sensor floodlight or a smart floodlight camera which can alert your phone when it detects movement.

Smart lighting can be utilised to turn your external lights on and off at preset times, even when you’re not home, which can also assist with warning off burglars.

Motion sensors and smart cameras can trigger lights to turn on when motion is detected, you can even program your indoor lights to turn off if your smart camera detects movement!

2. CCTV Security Cameras

This is a popular first step into home security, and for obvious reasons.

No matter whether you’re at home or on holiday you’ll be able to “check in” on your property to ensure everything is as it should be. We all like to visually see what’s going on at all times.

Most CCTV camera systems, and all smart cameras, can send you instant alerts to your smartphone if motion is detected.

For instance you can be sat at home watching TV when an alert pops up on your phone, you open the app and can see someone loitering around your car, a simple tap of a button and a siren can sound scaring them away.

We highly recommend having security cameras at home and have plenty of options from CCTV camera systems to wireless CCTV systems and the most popular smart cameras.


3. Sirens

Another effective burglar-scarer is loud noises.

The vast majority of alarm systems can, and should, have an external alarm which can warn off intruders if they were to enter your property.

But there’s no point waiting for them to break in before you sound the alarm….

There are quite a few different outdoor smart cameras with built in sirens on the market such as the IMOU Looc, Bullet & the Ring Floodlight Camera.

You can set them to either automatically sound the siren if they detect movement, or most likely, alert you to movement then you can simply press a button to sound a loud siren to warn off the intruder.

Imagine you’re a burglar, you’ve wandered down someone's drive and you’re trying a car door when suddenly an ear piercing siren sounds. 

You’ll probably run away, right?

4. Two Way Talk

Another standard feature on most of the smart cameras on the market is the ability to talk, or shout, at an unwanted guest no matter where you are in the world.

Simply by pressing the button on your app you can talk, and hear the person at the other end.

This is a great feature, if you spot someone on your property you can warn them off and make them well aware that 

5. Visual Deterrents

Most burglars will scope out a property before they break in.

They’ll be looking for dark houses with no one home and with no obvious security measures.

Simply by having cameras, alarm siren and security lighting present you’ll be significantly cutting down the amount of burglars that want to tackle your home, so don’t dismiss the power of visible security.

It doesn’t have to be over the top, just having a well lit home that looks lived in and some subtle security such as smart cameras, video doorbell etc. can really improve your chances of staying secure/


6. Smart Alarms

A burglar alarm system is an essential piece of home security tech.

We’ve left it last on this list as hopefully items 1 through to 4 will deter the vast majority of burglars before they get to set your alarm off.

There are quite a few decent, reliable and easy to use smart alarm systems on the market, such as the ERA Protect and the Cave Smart Alarm system, which can seriously improve your home security.

Burglar alarm systems usually comprise of a main hub, PIR sensors, door contacts, sirens and even outdoor sensors.

You’d ideally want to put PIR’s in hallways and rooms, add door contacts to entrance points such as doors, windows, garage doors etc.

If someone does get past your cameras and lighting then your smart alarm is your last line of defence, if a door or window is opened then the loud sirens will be armed, you’ll be notified by phone (or call centre if you use a monitored service) and can take action such as calling the police.

You can even tie in most alarm systems with your smart lighting system, the last thing you want when your alarm blaring in the middle of the night, wondering if there’s an intruder in your home, is to be in total darkness!

Alarm goes off, lights go on. Another way of warning off the intruder as now all of your lights are on and the sirens blaring!

If you want help in choosing smart security devices to protect and secure your home then feel free to contact our smart home advisors on 02392 006118, by email or by live chat.

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