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Best Ceiling Speakers For Amazon Echo Link AMP

Best Ceiling Speakers For Amazon Echo Link AMP

Recently Amazon have released their new Echo Link AMP - it's their first step into the HiFi market, giving you a high quality WiFi connected amplifier which you can connect whatever speakers you like to.

This makes it ideal for use with in ceiling speakers.

So here's our top five ceiling speakers for use with the Amazon Echo Link AMP based on what our customers are requesting and buying.


Amazon Echo Link AMP 

Amazon Echo Link AMP Specifications


The Amazon Link AMP is a two channel stereo amplifier with a power rating of 60W per channel at 8 ohms.

It's a Class D digital amplifier which means it's efficient and high performing.

We recommend pairing it with some 6.5"  or 8" ceiling speakers with a power rating of 15-60W. As the Amazon Echo Link Amp is pretty good quality we'd suggest spending a bit on your speakers to get the best sound quality and overall value for money.

The Amazon Echo Link AMP has a volume control on the front and is fully controllable via the Amazon Echo app.

You can buy multiple Echo Link AMP's for multiple rooms and play the same, or different, music in each room.

View The Amazon Echo Link AMP Here

 Amazon Echo Link AMP Front & Rear Terminals

Best Ceiling Speakers For Amazon Echo Link AMP


1. Q Acoustics QI65C

Best For: Background Music In Kitchens, Living Spaces, Bedrooms

Our Verdict: Q Acoustics make great speakers and the QI65C is no exception to that. It's a full range, high spec speaker that produces a clear, crisp sound with reasonable bass for a ceiling speaker. The Q Acoustics QI65C has been a popular speaker since we started thanks to its versatility and performance at a decent price point.

£174.99 / Pair

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2. Lithe Audio 6.5"

Best For: Background Music In Kitchens, Living Spaces, Bedrooms

Our Verdict: Lithe Audio are a new, up and coming brand that make some great products. Their 6.5" passive ceiling speakers are exceptional value for money with some great quality components including a kevlar woofer. Whilst they don't sound quite as good as the QI65C speakers they still provide exceptional value for money and are perfect for budget conscious installs where sound quality is still important.


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3. Q Acoustics QI65CW-ST Single Stereo

Best For: Background Music In Bathrooms

Our Verdict: Another one from the popular Q Acoustics, but it's a great speaker! It's also the most well priced IP44 rated single stereo speaker on the market. We go through a lot of these for good reason. Perfect for bathrooms and en-suites. High quality stereo sound from a single speaker, and without having to worry about water or steam ingress from the shower!

£180 / Each

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4. Monitor Audio C265-IDC

Best For: High Performance Music In Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Spaces etc.

Our Verdict: If you're looking for better audio performance then look no further. The three way IDC range from Monitor Audio really raise the bar. Crisp, clear sound, great bass and awesome clarity. Safe to say that when I moved house I took my C265-IDC's with me! Highly recommended if sound quality is important to you.

£230 / Each

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5. Adastra C6D

Best For: Budget Background Music In Kitchens, Bedrooms etc.

Our Verdict: If your budgets are really tight, or you want to install something on the cheaper side for upgrade later on then you should take a look at the Adastra C6D. Whilst they are cheap, they're not that bad! You get a full range sound, albeit lacking in bass, and it's a common hole size that can be upgraded easily at a later date. The Adastra C6D's are fine for low-use background music.

£39.99 / Each

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Don't forget that ceiling speakers should be installed with fire hoods

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