How To Link Fibaro With Amazon Alexa For Voice Control Home Automation

If you have a Fibaro Home Automation system and Amazon Alexa then you'd be crazy not to want to link them up!

You'll need a Fibaro Home Center 2 or Lite and an Amazon Echo.

Firstly we recommend that you ensure that all of your devices are aptly named. i.e "Kitchen Downlights" etc. otherwise you'll see lots of "Downlights" without knowing which is which.


Step 1 - Add The Fibaro Smart Home Skill To Your Echo


Simply search the skills for Fibaro and click "Enable"


Step 2 - Sign Into Your Account


Enter your Fibaro Cloud ID username and password.

Once successfully linked you should see a message saying that the Fibaro Smart Home Skill has been successfully linked.

Close the window.


Step 3 - Discover Devices


Now we need to find your Fibaro devices.

Click on the "Discover Devices" button and Alexa will start looking for devices.

Once it's found them you should see all of your devices in the Amazon Alexa app and you're ready to start voice control!

Like so...


Start Talking



Now you should be able to say things like:


"Alexa, turn kitchen downlights on"

"Alexa, set lounge downlights to 50%"

"Alexa, turn bathroom lights off"




Groups & Scenes


You may be wondering what the groups and scenes are.

Well with Groups you can create a group called "Downstairs" and add in all linked devices for downstairs.

You can then say:

"Alexa, turn downstairs lights on"

and all lights in that group will react.

This is ideal for rooms with multiple lights, for instance I have a group called "Kitchen" with all the kitchen circuits in, then I can say "Alexa, turn kitchen off" and it will turn all the devices in that group off.

And the scenes pull in from your Fibaro Home Center provided they are set to visible in the Home Center.

So if you have a scene that sets the lounge downlights to 50%, turns on the lamps and the wall lights to 25% then you can activate it by saying "Alexa, turn on <scene name>"


Voice Commands


"Alexa, turn on/off <circuit name>

"Alexa, turn off <circuit name>"

"Alexa, set <circuit name> to 50%"

"Alexa turn on/off <scene>"

"Alexa turn on/off <group>"





Fibaro is a great system and works really well with Amazon Echo.

You can find out more about Fibaro in our Smart Home section by clicking here - Fibaro Home Automation

And if you want any further information, advice or guidance on Fibaro please call our team on 02392 006118.

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