Guide To Pet Cameras - How To Watch & Interact With Your Dog or Cat From Anywhere

You may be wondering how you can use smart technology to take better care of your pets. 

In 2020 it’s pretty easy to get a pet camera set up within minutes keeping you closer to your pets at all times.

This guide is designed to give you an overview of why you’d benefit from a pet camera and the most important features to look out for when buying.


Ring Indoor Pet Camera


There are many reasons you may want a pet camera but ultimately it’s so you can see, interact, monitor and take care of your pet wherever you are.

Let’s say you work long hours, you know that your pet sitters taking good care of your dog, but with a pet camera you can easily log on and see your dog from afar, you can talk to him/her and feel reassured that they are doing okay, or simply tell her to get off the sofa (your dog, not the pet sitter!)

Neighbours complaining that your dogs barking? A pet camera with abnormal noise / bark detection could be the answer to keeping everyone happy. You’ll get an alert if your dog is barking and you can try to calm him remotely.

There are plenty of reasons you’d benefit from having a pet camera, regardless of what pet you have. For instance we have a pet tortoise and can see what she’s up to from our smartphones. No real problems with her barking or getting on the couch but it’s always nice to be able to see our pets whenever we like, whether that pets a dog, cat or something more exotic.


Abnormal / Bark Detection Pet Cameras



There are some key features that you’ll want to look for when choosing a pet camera for your dog or cat. 

Let’s start by saying that a pet camera in most instances is a standard smart camera, you often don’t need to pay over the odds for a “specialist” pet camera (unless you want a pet specific feature such as a treat dispenser).

Most smart WiFi cameras are amazing for use as pet cameras as long as you select the right features. 

Here we’ll cover the main features that you’ll want to look out for:

Two Way Talk: This is a basic requirement for a pet camera, you’re most definitely going to want to be able to talk to them! Choosing a camera with two way talk is a good start as you can see, hear and talk to your dog from anywhere. Reassure them, tell them to get off the sofa or simply, talk to them in that crazy pet voice we all seem to have.

Pan Tilt & Zoom: Another ideal feature for a pet camera is pan tilt and zoom, this is great as you can easily move the camera view around (often up to 355 degrees!) so you can see every corner of your room. Fixed cameras are great but if your dog is sitting just out of screen then you won’t be able to see her so it really depends on the room you’re putting the camera in.

A PTZ pet camera will let you move the view around so you can see everything!

Remote Viewing: This one is a must have, and is standard on most pet cameras now anyway. You’ll want a nice easy to use app with internet connection so you can easily see your pet from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. 

Whilst this is pretty much standard nowadays we’d suggest avoiding the cheaper cameras you might find on some of the market places as the apps, two way talk and general usability isn’t that great and it’ll let the entire experience down.

Night Vision: If you’re out for the evening, work late or just those dark winter days then night vision is a must. Most decent branded pet cameras have built-in infrared lights that allow you to see in the dark.

Abnormal Noise / Bark Detection: With abnormal noise / bark detection you can set it up so that you get an instant alert on your smartphone if the camera hears a noise.

You’ll get alerted instantly if your dog is barking so you can see what he’s up to and take necessary action by talking to him.

This is a great feature, but it’s not standard on every pet camera so make sure you double check first. Take a look at the IMOU Indoor Range which has this feature.

Motion Tracking & Alerts: Some of the PTZ pet cameras also have a feature called motion tracking. This automatically makes the camera follow your dog as it walks through a room. It’s a great feature, especially if you have your camera recording as you’ll get a much better overview of what’s going on at all times. 

You can also set alerts when movement is detected, this may be useful if you have a room where your pet is not supposed to go! As they enter you’d get an alert on your smartphone allowing you to take instant action.

Recording: All pet cameras have some form of recording function, either cloud based or to an SD card. This is very useful for home security as well as for recording your pets so you can look back and see what they’ve been up to.

One of your dogs trashed the room? Look back at the recordings to find out who the culprit was!




There are a lot of pet cameras on the market which can make choosing a bit difficult, however here’s our top 10 list of pet cameras based on the relevant features you’d need and expect from a good pet camera.

All of these brands are top brands so you don’t need to worry so much about data leaks and being hacked and you can rest assured that the app and user experience is good!


Furbo Dog Camera
1. IMOU Ranger 2

Features: HD Video, Motion Tracking, PTZ, Abnormal Noise Detection, SD Card Recording, Cloud Recording, Two Way Talk, Night Vision

Price: £49.99


2. IMOU Cue 2

Features: HD Video, Abnormal Noise Detection, SD Card Recording, Two Way Talk, Night Vision, Cloud Recording

Price: £39.99


Ring Indoor Cam Pet Camera

3. Ring Indoor Cam

Features: HD Video, Two Way Talk, Night Vision, Cloud Recording

Price: £49.99


Homeflow Smart Living PTZ Smart Camera

4. Homeflow PTZ Indoor Smart Cam

Features: HD Video, Pan & Tilt, Two Way Talk, Night Vision, SD Card Recording

Price: £53.99


Nest Camera Indoor Smart Camera
5. Nest Cam Indoors

Features: HD Video, Two Way Talk, Night Vision, Cloud Recording

Price: £159


Y-Cam Protect Indoor Smart Camera

6. Y-Cam Protect Indoor

Features: HD Video, Two Way Talk, Night Vision, Cloud Recording

Price: £54.99


Furbo Dog Camera

7. Furbo Dog Camera

Features: HD Video, Two Way Talk, Bark Detection, Social Sharing, Night Vision, Treat Tossing

Price: £189



Hopefully now you have a good idea of the benefits a pet camera will bring to your life and have a much better understanding of the best cameras and features you need.

Don’t forget that these pet cameras also double as security cameras, so you’ll be able to stay close to your pets but you can also keep watch on your property from anywhere in the world.

If you need any further help choosing then feel free to contact us by email, live chat or telephone on 02392 006118 and one of our Tech Advisers will be happy to help you.