The Importance Of USB Power Sockets

How many devices do you have that are charged via USB?

If you're like me, then that answer is, A LOT!

So if you want to avoid having numerous plug-in USB power bricks taking up your socket space then look no further than USB Power Sockets!


USB Socket Styles


USB power sockets come in various shapes, styles and sizes.

Some have 1 USB, some have 2!

They are ideal for use in kitchens and also ideal by TV areas as many devices now are powered by USB such as Amazon Fire Sticks, lots of WiFi media streamers etc! Now you can power more devices without extension leads etc.

Our most popular USB sockets are from the Retrotouch range with the stylish glass plates.

And you'll be able to match the USB sockets to the rest of your accessories including light switches, fused spurs and cooker outlets.

Take a look at our range of USB sockets by clicking here.

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