TECH4 TV - Veho Cave Smart Burglar Alarm Outdoor Siren - Unboxing & Overview

by Aiden Tingley


This Premium wireless outdoor siren has been built to work with your existing Veho Cave wireless Intruder alarm kit. If you have not seen our unboxing for that video, please check out our channel.

This siren looks and feels like a premium siren, its loud and the light flashes bright. You have the option to change the flashing light off, on and at different time settings.

The siren has multiple tamper sensors to ensure that no one can access it without alerting you to it. If someone enters your home whilst armed and they get picked up on a contact sensor or PIR sensor, the siren will start and hopefully protect your home.

You also have the ability to change all of the siren settings and features within the Veho Cave app that is available for the app store.

This will also allow you to arm and disarm your burglar alarm remotely.

Veho Cave Outdoor Siren For Smart Burglar Alarm - £89