TECH4 TV - Veho Cave Smart Burglar Alarm Starter Kit - Unboxing & Overview Video

by Aiden Tingley


In this video I unbox the extremely popular Veho Cave Burglar Wireless alarm.

You get a few items to get you started in this kit, including a Pet friendly PIR sensor, Door / Window Contact sensor, Remote Key fob and the hub to control it all.

This system is a smart alarm, meaning you can control it via an app on your smart device.

You are able to also share the connection to others that live in the house so they can also control the intruder alarm.

The kit is supplied with either sticky pads or screws so that you have a few different options to install this kit, the hub itself also have a taper proof mounting plate.

So if you are looking for a wireless intruder alarm that you can trust but is also very well priced then you need to consider Cave.

With its premium design and easy to use interface.

You'll feel protected all of the time.

The Cave Burglar alarm is available straight away and has many add ons to suit your home, such as extra PIR sensors and contact sensors, to sirens, cameras and much more.

Veho Cave Smart Burglar Alarm Starter Kit - £129