TECH4 TV -  Homeflow WiFi Living Smart Extension Lead Overview - Unboxing & Overview Video

The Homeflow Extension lead is powered by smart life and will allow you to remotely control devices plugged into it.

You can control each of the 3 plugs separately from the app of voice controlled and you can control the 6 USB sockets as a whole.

The wifi power lead has other features such as the ability to schedule the sockets to turn on and off at different times, there is the ability to choose from 7 days and week and 24 hours a day.

When you go to set up amazon Alexa voice control you'll need to set up the 'Smart Life' skill and that will find all of the Homeflow devices you have.

We suggest you rename the extension lead and set its room before adding it to Alexa so you have more control.

Homeflow Smart Extension Lead - £26.99

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