Systemline S7 Multi Room

Systemline S7 Multi Room Audio system lets you play all of your favourite songs, playlists and radio stations including iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Deezer, YouTube, Last FM, Rhapsody and iPlayer amongst others.

Having a multi room audio system puts you in control of your listening habits.

You can play a single channel to every corner of your home, or listen to different media in each room – it is designed to be as versatile or as simple as you need it to be.

You can truly add the wow factor to your home and keep the whole family entertained.

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Systemline S7 Multi Room Audio Layout Diagram

Where Can I Have Audio?




Built in Bathroom Speakers

Enhance your morning routine by listening to your favourite radio shows or music in the bathroom with Systemline 7. Our IP rated bathroom ceiling speakers allow you to sing your heart out in the shower or truly relax whilst soaking in the tub.



Systemline 7 in Bedroom

Wake-up to the latest headlines or chart-topping songs as you look forward to the day ahead. Systemline 7’s alarm functionality ensures you don’t oversleep whilst the solution can also gently play music as you drift off in the evenings. It also integrates with your TV which is perfect for those lazy weekend mornings.



garden speakers

Music doesn’t just have to be indoors. Our stylish range of waterproof wall mount speakers and rock speakers have been designed to blend into your garden and provide high quality sound. Systemline 7 creates a party atmosphere for those summer BBQs and makes sure you hit the right note when jumping into the hot tub.



speaker system for the kitchen

The kitchen is fast becoming the heartbeat of every home! Whether you are experimenting with new ingredients, creating your trademark dish, cooking with the family or entertaining friends; either of our built in music systems provides seamless access to high quality sound direct from low-profile ceiling speakers.

Living Room


Systemline 7 in Living Room

Systemline 7 provides sleek integrated audio in your living room. Whether you are sitting down to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or the next big sporting event, Systemline 7 offers one touch activation and control from your Sky or Virgin remote.

Whole Home


Systemline 7 in House

Bring your home to life with Systemline 7’s integrated audio. It has been designed to complement your lifestyle and everyday routine - from your morning wake-up alarm to relaxing in front of the TV before bed.

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  1. Systemline S7 Two Zone NetAmp Amplifier

    SKU: SN1100
    The Systemline 7 Netamp is a two zone stereo smart IP controllable audio amplifier designed specifically for the installation industry.
    In stock

    More Details
  2. Systemline S7 NetServer Music Server

    • Up to 24 fully independent music zones (including outdoor)
    • Support for Hi-Res music storage and reproduction (up to 4 x CD resolution)
    • Streaming on-demand music services from Deezer, Qobuz & Spotify etc
    • Streaming radio services from BBC iPlayer (including 7 day catch-up service) TuneIn & Shoutcast etc
    • Digital music storage of up to 2TB including Hi-Res music files
    In stock

    More Details
  3. Systemline S7 Mini NetServer - 4 Zone Music Server

    SKU: SN2011
    The S7 Mini NetServer supports up to 4 connected NetAmp zones and 160GB hard drive for operating system and stored music. It is very compact and cost effective for smaller S7 installations.
    In stock

    More Details
  4. Systemline S7 Local Input Module (LIM)

    SKU: SN5100
    The S7 Local Input Module (LIM) is designed to connect a local audio source such as a TV within a zone to the centrally located NetAmp using a Cat5 or Cat6 data cable.
    In stock

    More Details
  5. Systemline S7 KPS11 KeyPad

    SKU: SN3200
    The Systemline S7 KPS-11 keypad is a very cost effective in-wall keypad for simple control of the NetServer and NetAmp.
    In stock

    More Details
  6. Systemline S7 KP3 KeyPad

    SKU: SN3100
    The Systemline S7 KPS-3 keypad is a very cost effective in-wall keypad which controls an S7 sub zone.
    In stock

    More Details
  7. Systemline S7 USB Hub

    SKU: SN8021
    The Systemline S7 10 port USB Hub allows you to connect 8 NetAmp zones (4 NetAmps) into one USB socket from the server.
  8. Systemline S7 19" Rack Mount Adapter

    The S7 NetAmp 19” Rack Adapter allows installation of two NetAmps onto a 6U adapter.
    In stock

    More Details
  9. Systemline S7 Cabinet

    SKU: SN8400
    The Systemline S7 standard enclosure is a compact, cost effective, professional enclosure for a finished S7 system supporting up to 4 zones.
    In stock

    More Details
  10. Systemline TPM8 8" iPad Mini Wall Dock

    SKU: SN3800
    The Systemline S7 8 inch touch panel mounts allow easy installation of an iPad Mini into the wall to produce a smart in wall touch screen controller for Systemline 7.
    In stock

    More Details

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