Wall Plates & Outlets

Modern homes are now being fitted with vairous cables wired around for audio, video, network and much more. But let's not leave the cables in a mess!

With our range of wall plates you can make easy, neat connections at each point.

Whether they are going to be in use straight away, or just left tidy for future proofing, a wall plate will leave them looking neat, tidy and ready for action.


Speaker Plates


We have a range of speaker outlet plates for connecting to satellite loudspeakers or for making connections at the amplifier. They can make use of standard banana plugs for quick connections. You'll find them in a range of colours and styles from one pair of speakers up to 5.1 surround sound speaker plates.


Data Plates


Data plates are now a standard requirement in homes, they'll let you connect your smart TV, your laptop and even your home automation equipment. They are easily terminated in a RJ45 module which can then be fitted into a 1 or 2 gang face plate.


Euro Modules


Euro modules are a standard fitment media accessory, they can be added to different types of plates from different manufacturers.

They allow you to mix and match to your bespoke requirements. You could have a 2 gang plate with 2 RJ45 points and a satellite triplexer!

We have a wide range of media accessories in different styles, colours and for different applications such as data points, satellite, TV, telephone, speaker connections, RCA inputs and more.


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