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    2 products
    ENER-J WiFi LED Strip Light Kit - CCT Cool To Warm White - 5M LED Strip Lighting ENER-J
    ENER-J WiFi LED Strip Light Kit - CCT Cool To Warm White - 5M LED Strip Lighting ENER-J
    ENER-J WiFi LED Strip Light Kit - CCT Cool To Warm White - 5M

    Here you’ll find a wide range of LED strip light kits for illuminating your home. Our ranges include smart WiFi & Bluetooth LED strip lights that you can control from your smartphone or with your voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


    Static Colour: The simplest and easiest type of LED strip is static colour and is ideal for feature lighting, under kitchen plinths & work tops etc.

    There are a range of static colours, most commonly warm white or cool white but you will also find them in red, green, blue, orange, yellow etc. for other applications.

    CCT Warm White to Cool White: This is a popular choice as from one LED strip you can easily adjust between cool white and warm white. Colour temperature can have a great impact on the feel of your room so CCT strips allow you to fine tune it to perfection.

    It’s also great for kitchens as you can have cool white for task lighting, but at dinner time you can adjust it to warm white for a more “homely” feel.

    RGB Full Colour: One of the most popular LED strips available! Adjust from thousands of different colours including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and many more! Most RGB LED strips can be adjusted either with a remote control or with a smartphone app. Take a look at our WiFi LED Strip Light kits for full app and voice control!

    Most RGB LED strips can replicate white for general lighting, although it’s often got a blueish tint to it as it’s not using true white LED’s.

    RGB/W Full Colour & White: For the ultimate in LED strip lights look no further than an RGB/W strip light kit! You’ll get all the benefits of RGB and static white from one strip. Choose from a multitude of different colours to set the mood and yet you can still turn it to a “proper” white for general/task lighting.

    The beauty of RGB/W LED strips is the fact that you can mix the colours with white light to create softer pastel colours giving you a much classier and more comprehensive range of colours.


    Infrared / RF Remote: There’s a wide range of LED strip light kits that can be controlled with an easy to use infrared or RF wireless remote control. These are the most basic of kits but are perfect for easy operation for less tech-savvy installations.

    Wall Controller: With an LED wall controller you can manually turn the lighting on and off as well as adjusting colour using the wall mounted touch pad. Perfect if you don’t want to use app control and worry about losing remotes.

    Bluetooth: For basic app controlled systems look no further than Bluetooth LED strips available from both Veho & Lyyt. You can adjust colour and set different modes from your smartphone using a wireless Bluetooth connection.

    WiFi: With WiFi LED Strip Light kits you can choose the colour and control the lights from a smart phone app. Some of our kits such as the ENER-J Smart Life compatible LED strip kits feature timers, scenes, automations and can even be controlled with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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