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    Lightwave RF Smart Electricity Meter/Monitor Energy Monitors Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF Smart Electricity Meter/Monitor
    Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF Smart Series Magnetic Trigger (Door/Window Contact) Smart Sensors Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF Smart Series Magnetic Trigger (Door/Window Contact)
    Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF Smart Home/Away Scene Controller Button Smart Home Accessories Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF Smart Home/Away Scene Controller Button
    Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Single Smart Heating Lightwave RF
    Lightwave RF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Single
    Lightwave RF

    At TECH4 you’ll find the full range of Lightwave RF smart home products including smart dimmers, smart relays, smart sockets and much more.

    Lightwave is a great solution for smart homes as it's easy to understand, easy to install and even easier to use. When you combine it multiple switches, sockets, relays, door sensors and heating devices you can build a very capable smart home for an almost unbeatable cost without needing a specialist installer.



    LightwaveRF is a really simple, but very capable smart home system that will allow you to automate your lights, sockets, heating and more.

    You simply replace existing light switches for Lightwave RF dimmer switches, connect to the hub and then you can control with your smart phone, create scenes, timers and even control with your voice through smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    A key benefit of Lightwave RF is the fact that the smart light switches do not require a neutral nor a deep back box, this means you can easily replace almost any existing light switch and turn it into a smart light switch.



    LightwaveRF is a capable home control system with lighting control, heating and smart sockets


    Despite being a relatively low-cost DIY solution Lightwave RF is very capable with features way above it's cost price.

    For instance you can create scenes, automate timers, control with your voice and link in with other systems using IFTTT.

    LightwaveRF is easy to install


    Lightwave RF is very easy to DIY install, or use your local electrician. Simply replace your existing light switches and sockets, pair with the hub and start automating!

    We are here to help you design & plan your smart home system so feel free to contact us for free advice and help.


    • Easy To Install - No specialist required, can be DIY installed or by local electrician.
    • No Alterations Required - Simply replace existing switches & sockets, no neutral or additional wiring required.
    • Simulate Occupancy - Turn lights on and off when you are away from home.
    • Create Scenes - Group lights, relays and sockets together for one touch scenes. i.e turn off all lights by double tapping the switch at the front door as you leave.
    • Create Timers - Set automatic timers, for example you can turn your external lighting on and off at preset times daily without ever needing to manually touch a switch!
    • Control Your Home From Anywhere - At work or on holiday? No problem, simply load up the app and you can control your lights, check if sockets have been left on and much more.
    • Schedule Your Heating - Control your boiler and even your radiators with wireless TRV valves that link wirelessly to the LightwaveRF app. Set schedules to automate your heating and control from anywhere in the world.


    LightwaveRF Smart Phone App For Home Control



    There are a wide range of Lightwave RF devices, here’s a quick overview of the main devices.

    Smart Switches: You will find smart dimmer switches from one gang through to four gang, these can directly replace existing light switches with no neutral. There is also a range of wireless scene controls and wireless switches, you can easily add existing light switches to a room without requiring any wiring.

    Smart Sockets: Replace existing sockets with Lightwave RF sockets to take control of your power devices, you can turn them on and off from the app, through voice control with Alexa or on preset timers.

    Inline Relays: Another benefit of Lightwave RF is the inline relays and multi relays, these allow you to wirelessly control lights easily. Simply add a relay to the lighting circuit(s) and pair to wireless light switches, or use with the app, timers, schedules etc.

    Heating: With wireless radiator TRV valves you can easily convert your home into smart heating with room by room zone control. The WiFi TRV valves connect to the LightwaveRF hub and give you full app control, schedules etc. This can increase your comfort and save on heating costs by only heating rooms that need heating.

    Here at TECH4 we can help you design your entire Lightwave RF smart home from scratch. We can advise on the best products to suit your requirements, how to install and set them up and also provide ongoing support if any issues arise.

    If you’d like to talk to one of our smart home advisers about your smart home please call us on 02392 006118 or catch us on live chat or email.



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