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8 products

    8 products

    Alarm systems are nothing new, but traditionally they often requiring wiring cables around your home and professional installation by an alarm installer. You’ll also find that with standard alarms that they are good whilst you are at home but you’ll need a phone dialler to be alerted when you’re out of the house. Most often you’d need to use a monitoring station for 24/7 monitoring.

    Smart alarm kits solve this problem by being connected to the cloud and an always-on smart phone app ready to alert you at any issue. They are also completely wireless meaning you can easily DIY install them without needing to chase out walls, lift floorboards or cause any other destruction to your home.


    Wherever you are in the world if your smart alarm kit detects an intruder you’ll be notified instantly. We’d recommend adding some smart cameras with your smart alarm kit so you can instantly see what caused the alarm to trigger and take relevant action.

    Most smart alarms do require a monthly subscription for this service so do check the system you are buying to ensure you are familiar with all costs involved with the system.


    Smart alarm kits are very easy to install, they are completely wireless and battery powered so you can simply screw up the PIR sensors and door / window contacts, mount the keypad by your front door and easily set it up via the smartphone app.


    There are big differences but it comes down to costs and what you expect to get out of the system. If you are hoping for insurance discounts then you’ll need to use an accredited installer and a monitoring station with monthly costs. If you want sirens to sound and you to be alerted then a smart alarm may be a much better option as you can easily DIY install the system and it’ll alert you instantly if there are any issues. Whilst it won’t affect your insurance premiums it will cost a lot less to install and often allows for further integration with smart lighting, voice assistants etc.

    At TECH4 you’ll find a wide range of smart alarm kits from top brands such as ERA, Ring, EZVIZ and more. Our smart alarm systems are at varying levels, some systems such as the ERA are geared heavily towards high security as well as being technology focused whereas others such as the Ring are secure but geared more towards ease of use and technology. If you’d like to speak to one of our smart home advisers about your smart alarm system then feel free to give us a call on 02392 006118

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