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Smart Security Cameras

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Smart Security Cameras Overview

Improving your home security is now an easy task thanks to easy to install and easy to use smart cameras.

Smart security cameras (CCTV) allow you to view and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. You can easily load up the smart phone app to check in. If your smart camera detects motion then you’ll get an instant alert on your phone where you can then see what is going on and if necessary talk to the person via the built in microphone & speaker.


There are a few different options for smart security cameras, your first decision should be whether it’s going indoors or outdoors. Some smart cameras are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors such as the Ring Stick Up Cam whereas others such as the Nest Cam’s come as an indoor or outdoor version so you need to ensure you buy the right one for your application.

Most smart security cameras will require a mains power supply, most come with a USB power cable that you’d need to wire into a socket outlet so do bare this in mind when planning your installation. However if you’re unable to get cables around then there are a range of wireless battery powered smart cameras such as the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery and the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery which means all you need to do is screw it to your wall!


Smart cameras share quite a few similar features such as app control, two way talk and recording functions but it’s also worth looking at each individual cameras specifications for unique features.

For instance the Nedis and IMOU range include SD memory card slots so you can avoid paying for monthly cloud subscriptions. The Nest IQ camera range feature person recognition, not only will your camera see a person but it’ll be able to figure out if it knows that person or if they are a stranger/intruder!

You can also get a range of floodlight and spotlight cameras for additional benefit of security lighting. These are available from Ring & IMOU. The floodlight cameras require a 230v mains supply and will usually simply replace an existing outside light. The Ring Spotlight Cam is also available in battery powered, simply screw it up and you’ve gained both a smart camera and an LED security light in one.


At TECH4 you’ll find a wide range of smart cameras from top brands such as Nest, Ring, Nedis, IMOU, Homeflow, ERA & many more to suit every budget.

We’d suggest choosing a brand based around both your budget and your voice assistant ecosystem. If you’re a big Amazon Alexa fan then Ring works seamlessly with all Alexa devices. If you’re more of a Google Assistant person then Nest is a good decision for better integration.

As always if you need any help choosing then call one of our smart home experts on 02392 006118


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