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    Smart video doorbell cameras are often the starting blocks of your smart home, they add so much value and convenience to your life without costing a fortune. Essentially a smart doorbell simply connects you to your front door from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to see and talk to visitors to your door, talk to delivery drivers and warn off unwanted visitors.

    Most video doorbell cameras on the market can talk to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can ask Alexa Show devices to show you the front door. All doorbells come with a free to use app, but bear in mind that some doorbells such as the Nest & the Ring for instance have cloud storage fees to unlock advanced features and video recordings.


    There are a few different options for video doorbells, there is a solution for every home.

    Battery Powered Video Doorbells - These can be mounted to any door easily, they feature a rechargeable battery pack which can power the camera for months at a time between recharges. These are super fast and easy to install simply requiring a few screws. They can be mounted on the door itself or adjacent. 

    Wired Video Doorbell Cameras - These are best for low maintenance as there are no batteries to recharge, they do however require specific doorbell transformers and wiring to your front door, if you have an existing doorbell system then this may well be an easy replacement, however if you are wiring from scratch then you will need to consider wiring routes and power locations.

    Peephole Video Doorbells - We think these are a great invention! With the Ring Door Cam you can simply replace your existing door peephole viewer for the smart video doorbell, powered by a rechargeable battery pack, and you’ll have a smart video doorbell in minutes!


    Motion Detection - video doorbells can alert you to motion at your front door without anyone actually pressing the button, this is great for security as you can see and talk to visitors without them actually pressing the doorbell button.

    Recording - video doorbells can record all motion and button press events and store on the cloud or micro SD card (EZVIZ & Nedis) for playback later. Another great feature for added security and looking back over missed notifications.


    At TECH4 you’ll find a wide range of smart video doorbells from top brands such as Ring, Nest, & Nedis. We have a video doorbell to suit every budget.

    As always if you need help picking the most suitable video doorbell for your home then feel free to call our smart home experts on 02392 006118.

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