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Relays & Dimmers

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Relays & Dimmers Overview

Smart relays and dimmers allow you to take further control of your power and lighting circuits. They can often be used standalone or as part of a larger smart home control solution.

You will often find that wireless smart dimmers and relays can allow you to add switching to circuits that you couldn't before as, provided you can power the relay or dimmer, you can then control it completely wirelessly.

For example, want to switch the garden lighting on from a wall switch but don't have any wiring? No problem, simply use a LightwaveRF or Fibaro relay module then program an existing internal switch to control the new relay, wirelessly.



Relays are used for direct on and off control of lighting circuits or low power circuits such as pond pumps and other control equipment.

With a smart relay attached you can take control with your smart phone, using automations or timers.

You don't always need to have a physical touch switch installed either, you could just install a wireless relay and control it from your smart phone or automatic timers. This is ideal for garden lighting, pond equipment etc.



Smart dimmers are the same as smart relays however you'll also be able to dim the lights up and down. Most commonly smart dimmers are used in conjunction with a light switch, either directly connected or programmed to work wirelessly.

Smart dimmers such as the Fibaro Dimmer 2 can simply be installed before a light fitting, connected to a standard light switch and then controlled either from the switch, a smart phone or from various automations, timers etc.



Some smart relays can operate in "volt free" mode which simply creates a contact, this is perfect for triggering gates, garage doors or similar equipment. You can also use it to switch low voltage circuits such as LED strip lighting.


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