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Smart Thermostats

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Smart Thermostats Overview

Smart thermostats allow you to control your central heating, hot water and even radiators in your home. You can create schedules and utilise other smart features to save money and improve your comfort at home.

The purpose of a smart thermostat ultimately is to save you money by automating and optimising your heating system. Most smart thermostats will repay themselves after a few years in outright money savings, however don’t forget all the ease of use and additional comfort which also creates a lot of value!


There are a few different types of smart thermostat, most have the ability to replace your existing wall mounted thermostat and directly control your boiler, others have extension boxes that you connect to your boiler and the thermostat itself wirelessly talks to the boiler.

It’s also worth considering your heating setup, if for instance you have a lot of underfloor heating then it’s worth looking at a Heatmiser system as this can take control of the underfloor heating room by room. If you have a simple boiler set up then you can opt for most smart thermostats as a direct replacement.

Some smart thermostats can also be expanded with wireless TRV valves for individual room control, if this is something of interest then ensure you choose the right system such as the Tado smart thermostat as not all systems can be expanded with wireless radiator valves.


Schedules - this is a standard features on all thermostats whether smart or not, you can program your heating to turn on and off at preset times. However with a smart thermostat you get a lot of added benefits such as allowing the heating to turn on a short time before you wake up so your home is already warm before you wake up. 

Geolocation - Switch off your central heating when no one is at home… never heat an empty house again! With geolocation your smart thermostat knows when you are not home and can automatically reduce the temperature. You can also program it to warm up your home as you’re driving home from work!


At TECH4 you’ll find a wide range of smart thermostats from top brands such as Nest, Tado, Honeywell & more. As with everything we’d recommend sticking to one of the top brands for optimal performance and cost savings.

As always if you need any help choosing then call one of our smart home experts on 02392 006118


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