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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Single - Tech4Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Single - Tech4
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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Duo Pack - Tech4Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Duo Pack - Tech4
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LightwaveRF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Single - Tech4
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LightwaveRF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Three Pack - Tech4LightwaveRF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Three Pack - Tech4
LightwaveRF LightwaveRF HR91 Wireless TRV Valve by Honeywell Home - Three Pack
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For the most efficient and cost effective heating system you should look no further than wireless TRV valves. Simply replace your existing “dumb” TRV valves with WiFi versions and you’ll get full app control, schedules, voice control and much more.

You can either use just wireless radiator valves directly controlling the boiler, or most commonly in conjunction with a smart thermostat for all-round control. Don’t forget that wireless TRV radiator valves will need an internet bridge (hub) to work, we have some Tado starter kits available to ensure you get everything you need to convert your radiators to smart radiators.


WiFi TRV valves are relatively straight forward, they work much in the way of a standard TRV valve by controlling the flow of hot water to your radiator. The difference here is that they have built in WiFi which means they can talk back to a smart thermostat and smart phone app for control.

Now you’ll be able to set different temperatures on a room by room basis, this makes for a much more efficient heating system, lesser used rooms can be set to a lower temperature than for example your master bedroom. 

With systems such as Tado you can see each room and it’s temperature on the Tado smart phone app, each room can be set with a different set point and schedule if required.

At TECH4 you’ll find wireless TRV valves for both horizontal and vertical mount meaning you can simply replace your existing TRV valve in most cases. These are nice and easy to set up and install yourself without requiring a plumber or electrician to install.

Of course all good WiFi TRV valves have manual control so you can adjust the temperature in a room simply by twisting the dial.

You can also integrate most wireless radiator valves with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control. Just ask Alexa to set the bedroom temperature to 22 degrees and it’ll all adjust auto-magically.


There are only a few good brands of WiFi TRV radiator valves on the market, but luckily the few brands are very good quality and offer a great solution. The best and most rounded solution on the market today is from Tado. You can use their battery powered wireless TRV valves alongside their smart thermostat heating system and take control of each room by room.

If you would like to talk to one of our smart home experts about your WiFi TRV valve heating system then please call us on 02392 006118.

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