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eNet SMART HOME will meet all the demands of modern building automation. By networking the competencies of different manufacturers in an alliance, the users have a maximum number of available clever solutions for their homes; whether lighting and shading control or the integration of heating control.

Quality unified under a future-proof system standard. Operate cross-functionally with an app.

And: competently advised, installed and maintained by professionals. Can be updated at any time and adapted to new situations.


Impressive Light Scenes Create a Special Atmosphere

It doesn’t matter what kind of lights you already use at home.
With proven eNet SMART HOME products, your service partner can make the lights you have smart.

Everything off

Turn your lights on and off with ease room by room, floor by floor or throughout an entire building with a simple tap in the app.

Impressive scenes for any occasion

The perfect way to ensure cosy film nights: when the TV is on, the lights should dim automatically. Simply define an if-then rule in the eNet SMART HOME app.

Light control according to your schedule

Adapt light to suit your day-to-day routine with ease. All the lamps in your home switch off the moment you leave the house in the morning. With eNet SMART HOME, this means the end of lights accidentally left on all day.

Light follows your rules

The perfect way to ensure cosy film nights: when the TV is on, the lights should dim automatically. Simply define an if-then rule in the eNet SMART HOME app.

More Comfort, Lower Energy Costs.

Comfortably control your smart thermostats from tado° with the eNet SMART HOME app.
Use scenes and rules – and you’ll always know how warm it is at home.

Temperatures always under control

In the eNet SMART HOME app you can check the room temperature and humidity in every room and can conveniently set the desired temperature for a room, a floor or the whole building.

Location-dependent control

Should the lights be turned off, the blinds closed and the heating turned down when nobody’s at home? No problem. With location-dependent control of the tado heating system, your eNet SMART HOME knows when you are out.

Reduce heating costs

Save up to 31 % on your heating costs with smart heating management. The investment pays off after a very short time.

Your heating adapts to the building

Every building is different. The smart thermostats from tado are fast to learn how your rooms heat up and cool down. Heating therefore happens at just the right time

Saves Energy and Costs

With eNet SMART HOME not only enjoy more comfort but also save on energy costs.

Transparent energy consumption

Energy sensors in the form of intermediate adapters or out of sight as an in-wall variant or in a control cabinet measure the consumption of the connected devices. A glance at the eNet SMART HOME app and you can immediately see which device is currently using how much energy.

Effective heating management

Reduce your heating bill by up to 31 %. The smart heating management system from tado knows when no one’s home and automatically turns the heating down low.

Intelligent light concept

Define the thresholds for brightness levels outdoors. If the level falls below this value, your lights automatically switch on and switch back off if the value is exceeded. This automatically saves energy.

Means More Time For You in Day-to-Day Life

With eNet SMART HOME, you’ll never again have to run from one end of the house to the other, individually closing blinds.
Blinds, roller shutters and awnings automatically provide privacy and shade. Make the electric shades you have smart.

Close all the blinds – with a tap of the finger

Use the main control in the eNet SMART HOME app to open and close your blinds room by room, floor by floor and throughout the entire house. Simply practical.

Slats keep your home private

No more unwanted onlookers! Create a rule in the app: as soon as you turn on the bathroom light, the slats automatically close for privacy.

Blind control on schedule

No need to waste another thought about putting up the blinds in the morning. Define the times you want the blinds open or closed in the eNet SMART HOME app.

Wake up to sunshine

Your eNet SMART HOME knows when the sun rises and sets and can automatically open and close your blinds. A beautiful way to wake up at weekends.

Occasion-dependent blind control

Ensure even more comfort and integrate your blinds in scenes. For instance, this scene for a film night: the lights are dimmed and the blinds close automatically.

Depending on the wind and weather

No need to worry ever again about the risk of damage to awnings by wind. If wind speeds exceed a certain threshold, the awnings automatically retract.

Secure Living

Protect yourself and your home by means of simple yet effective security precautions.

Outdoor areas illuminated as never before

The innovative lens matrix of the new professional sensor-switched eNet XLED PRO floodlight from Steinel Professional makes it possible to illuminate company buildings, entrances or pathways with unprecedented even precision. Even at an installation height of six metres, almost no movement goes unnoticed.

Motion sensor to protect against trips and falls

The sensIQ motion sensor from Steinel Professional ensures that outdoor areas are illuminated as soon as there’s movement nearby. The not only prevents trips and falls but also wards off burglars.

Presence simulation for protection against break-ins

Homes that appear to be occupied deter intruders! Make your home more secure by using scenes, if-then rules and timers. Your home will look lived in even when you are out.

Switch off any devices left on from on the road

Devices left on accidentally can quickly turn into fire hazards. Check the eNet SMART HOME app to see whether off all the devices at home are off. And if, for instance, the iron should still actually be on, simply switch it off from wherever you are.



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Display all rooms with their functions

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Combine functions into comfort scenes

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If-Then Rules

Programming event-dependent functions

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Create time-controlled function sequences

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Triggering functions

Fingertip operation of all individual functions

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