Weather Sensors

  1. Fibaro Z Wave Flood Sensor

    SKU: FGFS-101
    Beneath the elegant white exterior, the Flood Sensor is equipped with three ultra-sensitive 24-karat gold telescopic probes that allow the sensor to precisely measure moisture and temperature levels.
  2. Fibaro Z Wave Universal Binary Sensor

    SKU: FGBS-1321
    The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that allows you to bridge the output of any binary sensor onto the Z-Wave network and incorporate it into your Fibaro system.
  3. Gira eNet Smart Home Wireless Sun Sensor

    SKU: 546102
    • eNet wireless sun sensor for control of eNet actuators depending on the brightness.
    • Installation on a window pane in indoor areas.
    • Solar-powered device.
    • Brightness measurement using solar cell.
    • Triggering of scenes when the set sun protection and twilight value are exceeded or fallen below.
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