1. Fibaro Z Wave Home Center 2 Home Automation Controller

    SKU: FGHC2
    Home Center 2 is a brain of Fibaro System, or any Z-Wave based home automation system. Home Center 2 was designed and developed by our engineers, so that we could implement many unique features never seen in competitive devices. Home Center 2 redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces the real Home Intelligence.

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  2. Fibaro Z Wave Home Center Lite Home Automation Controller

    HC Lite is a tiny device with huge potential. Incredibly quick and effective, yet inexpensive. Control your home from anywhere in the World using a mobile phone or tablet. Begin creating your own world around delights and convenience provided by innovation.

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  3. DemoPad Centro 8 Home Automation Controller


    The CENTRO 8 represents a quantum leap in home automation, bringing advanced automation capabilities to the masses, with an affordable control processor and state of the art embedded software.

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  4. DemoPad Centro 8M Home Control Processor

    SKU: Centro8M
    • Home Control & Automation System
    • Control A/V Equipment From iOS/Android Device
    • Control Lighting & Heating Systems
    • IFTTT Compatible
    • Amazon Alexa Compatible
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  5. Gira eNet Smart Home Server

    SKU: 530100
    • Wireless transmitter and wireless receiver for max. 32 eNet  devices
    • Internal eNet wireless and WLAN antenna.
    • Occupied-home simulation.
    • Update and configuration of eNet devices.
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  6. Gira eNet Smart Home Mobile Gate

    SKU: 530500
    • Mobile gate for the operation of eNet using a tablet PC or smartphone.
    • Operation with USB power supply.
    • Operation with WLAN router or access point.
    • Up to 5 tablet PCs or smartphones can be connected to the gateway simultaneously.
    • App for Apple iOS and app for Android.
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  8. Aeotec Z-Stick - Z Wave USB Adapter with Battery

    SKU: AEOEZW090-C
    • USB-Stick turns PC, Notebook etc. into a Z-Wave gateway
    • Manages up to 232 Z-Wave devices
    • Universal useable with different Z-Wave software solutions
    • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave

Home Automation Controllers


The controller is the heart of your home automation system. It connects and controls all of your smart home devices installed around your home.

Home automation controllers such as the Z Wave Fibaro Home Center also feature complex automation capabilities to automatically control your lighting and appliances without your interaction. 

Imagine living in a house that works for you, the lights come on automatically at preset times, even if you're not there, giving the illusion that the house is occupied.


User Interface From Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer


The controller is also the key control element of your smart home system. It provides the user interface for your smart phone, tablet or computer which allows you to take control of the system. Whether you are at home, or away!

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