1. Fibaro Z Wave Smoke Sensor

    SKU: FGSD-002
    The Smoke Sensor is a high-tech fire alarm with both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum protection from flaming and smouldering fires.

    Regular Price: £56.95

    Special Price £51.26

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  2. Fibaro Z Wave Flood Sensor

    SKU: FGFS-101
    Beneath the elegant white exterior, the Flood Sensor is equipped with three ultra-sensitive 24-karat gold telescopic probes that allow the sensor to precisely measure moisture and temperature levels.

    Regular Price: £52.49

    Special Price £47.24

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  3. Fibaro Z Wave Universal Binary Sensor

    SKU: FGBS-1321
    The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that allows you to bridge the output of any binary sensor onto the Z-Wave network and incorporate it into your Fibaro system.

    Regular Price: £37.95

    Special Price £34.16

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  4. Aeotec Z Wave Water Sensor 6

    SKU: AEOEZW122
    • Water Sensor with integrated vibration and temperature sensor
    • Detects minuscule amounts of liquids of 0,5mm
    • Compact size
  5. Aeotec Z Wave Water Sensor Dock

    SKU: AEOEZW160
    • Docking station of Water Sensor 6
    • Extends the range about 1m away from the Water Sensor 6
    • Two separate areas can controlled by two spot sensors
    • Loading with USB cable

Safety Sensors


Look after your home with intelligent safety sensors. 

Avoid floods with the flood sensor. Create an intelligent intruder alarm system with motion sensors and door contacts.

Integrate with other safety systems by using the universal sensor module.

You really can create almost anything with Z Wave home automation. It's smart home safety tailored to your individual needs.

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