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Get peace of mind with a smart camera, alarm or CCTV system.

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CCTV Systems

Add a "proper" CCTV System to your home with our plug & play CCTV system bundles.

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Smart Cameras

Easily add a WiFi smart camera to your home with wired & wireless options. Smartphone Viewing.

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Video Doorbell Cameras

Never miss another delivery again. See and speak to visitors at your door from wherever you are.

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Security Light Cameras

Easily replace your outdoor light for a smart security floodlight with LED light, camera & siren.

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Smart Alarms

Protect & monitor your home. Get instant alerts to your phone & never forget to set the alarm again.

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CCTV Accessories

Wide range of CCTV accessories including cables, controllers, wall brackets & more.

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Improving Your Home Security

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CCTV & Security Benefits

At TECH4 we offer a number of ways to improve your home security and get peace of mind that your family, property and possessions are as safe as can be.

CCTV Systems: The ultimate in home security, a “proper” CCTV security system is reliable, flexible and assures you the best chance of capturing any untoward behaviour at your home. We’ve packaged up all of the most commonly bought CCTV security camera systems into plug & play systems to make it easy for you to choose and buy.

Smart Cameras: Another great contender is a smart camera. With both wired and wireless versions available for both indoor and outdoors, it’s pretty easy to get a camera up and running at home. Most smart cameras can record to either the cloud and/or a local SD card. They all run from a smartphone app allowing you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world. A big benefit of smart cameras is the “smart” features including two way talk, built in LED security lights and loud sirens.

Video Doorbell Cameras: Replacing your standard doorbell to a smart doorbell camera is an easy task with wired and wireless versions available from most brands. You’ll be able to see and speak to whoever's at your front door, from anywhere. Smart doorbell cameras also record to the cloud and/or SD card so they also work as a security camera keeping an eye on the front of your property and sending you clips of people at the door.

Smart Alarms: Another tool in the home security system armoury is the smart alarm. Much like traditional burglar alarm systems they feature PIR motion detectors and door/window contacts to trigger the alarm. But with smart alarms you can also view, monitor and receive instant alerts on your smartphone. No longer will your home alarm be going off without knowing about it. Alarm alert on your smartphone? Check the app to see what has been triggered then check in on your smart cameras before taking appropriate action.

CCTV & Security Brands

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