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Q. What Are The Benefits Of LightwaveRF Compared To Standard Switches & Sockets?

A. There are many benefits to a smart home including comfort, safety and security. For instance you can turn your external lights on and off automatically every day, set your lights to wake you each morning, turn off all your lights with one tap at the front door, use contact sensors to turn lights on when doors are opened, activate lighting scenes with your voice using Alexa, Google Assistant or Homekit and many, many more applications.

Q. What Is The Minimum I Require To Get Started With LightwaveRF?

A. You only need 1 x Link Plus hub and one dimmer, relay or smart socket to get started. You can simply connect one light switch to the hub and expand your system as needed. Only one hub is required per installation.

Q. Do LightwaveRF Smart Dimmers Require A Neutral Wire?

A. None of our smart dimmers require a neutral as the unit is powered from having a bulb connected to the circuit. A neutral terminal is present on our dimmers as this helps with bulb compatibility and reduces the minimum load requirement.

Q. Is There A Limit For How Many Items You Can Pair To A Link Hub?

A. There is no realistic limit for the number of devices that can be paired to the Link Plus, however it is important to ensure that the structure of the app is setup so that the devices are spread across different rooms and zones for the system to run smoothly.

Q. Does The Link Plus Require An Internet Connection For Automations To Run?

A. The Lightwave Link Plus only requires power for existing automations to run. The automations have to be already created using an active internet connection.

Q. Do LightwaveRF Systems Require Additional Wiring To Work?

A. Lightwave sockets and dimmers use traditional UK wiring and no extra cabling is required, you simply replace your light switch or socket. When using the dimmers for two-way switching, the installation requires even less wiring as the setup of this configuration is achieved in the Link Plus app.

Q. Is A Qualified Electrician Required To Install LightwaveRF?

A. Whilst we will always recommend using a qualified electrician to undertake any electrical work LightwaveRF is a DIY product and therefore an electrician is not required. The system is simple and retrofit however you have to be competent with electrics.

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