Smart Home



Improve your comfort, convenience and security with smart home technology.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Lighting

Upgrade your light fittings to smart and benefit from scenes, timers & automations.

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Smart Bulbs

Plug & Play smart bulbs are the easiest way to get your smart home started.

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Smart Switches

Replace your existing switches to smart for voice control, scenes, timers & automations.

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Smart Relays & Dimmers

Take control of circuits & appliances with a smart relay. Add voice control, timers & automations.

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Smart Plugs & Sockets

Never worry about leaving an appliance on again! Control your smart plug from anywhere.

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Smart Cameras

Monitor & protect your home and family with a smart security camera with mobile app.

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Smart Doorbells

Never miss another delivery again with a wired or wireless video doorbell camera.

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Smart Alarms

Protect your property and monitor from anywhere in the world with a smart burglar alarm.

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Sensors & Contacts

Control lights & appliances with PIR motion sensors & contacts. Simple but useful home automations.

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What Is A Smart Home?

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Smart Home Benefits

Scenes: Create easy one-touch scenes that set your room, or even your whole home, to a preset mode. For instance when you leave the house you can have an “all off” scene that turns off all lights and smart plugs ensuring you don’t leave anything on. You can also have an “all on” mode to light the home in the middle of the night if you hear a noise! Scenes are also perfect for setting the mood in rooms with multiple lighting circuits, at the touch of a button you can turn off your downlights, set the lamp to 50% and set the TV lights to blue ready for the movie.

Automations: Smart homes should work for you. With smart lighting, heating and smart plugs you can easily create daily and weekly timers to automate your lifestyle. For instance you can easily replace your porch light bulb for a smart bulb and create an automation that turns the light on every day at dusk and turns it off at midnight. Automations are easy to create and have thousands of useful scenarios.

Timers: Set timers that will automatically turn a light or appliance off after a preset time. Perfect for kids bedrooms, dim the lights and automatically turn off after 30 minutes. Just enough time for your little ones to get to sleep!

Voice Control: Let your home assistant do the hard work for you. Almost all smart home devices are now voice enabled via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and a growing range of Apple Homekit devices. Simply ask Alexa to turn your lights on, adjust your heating or show your front doorbell camera on your Echo device.

Smart Home Brands

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Smart Home Ecosystems

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