Smart Light Switches

Smart Light Switches

Smart light switches let you take control over your home from your smart phone or tablet. Simply replace your existing switches for the new smart switches, connect to your WiFi and download the app.

Our smart light switches feature Amazon Alexa control, Google Home Assistant control so now you can turn your lights on and off simply by asking Alexa. "Alexa turn the kitchen light on"! Ideal for families with young children, make your house work for you whilst you're running around after your kids!

With daily and weekly timers, sunset and sunrise events and geolocalisation you can automate your home easily. Your smart switch will know the time of day and can turn lights on and off accordingly. Perfect for making your house look lived in whilst you are on holiday.

You'll find our smart light switches easy to install and the Retrotouch Iotty range are very sleek and stylish with the black glass plate, it'll look great in any room!

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