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Aquatic AV AQ-PST-1 12v Power Supply Unit

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Product Code: AQ-PST-1

Brand: Aquatic AV

High quality, robust and durable range of waterproof 13V DC regulated power supplies for waterproof spa stereos and spa stereo systems.

Provides a regulated power source (up to 10A, 13V DC) from both 110V & 220V inputs with universal short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection and over temperature protection.

Designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with use in spa and hot tub applications.


  • Dual Voltage Power Supply

  • Waterproof enclosure (IPx5)

  • Compact size

  • Automatic Current Sensing

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • Over Temperature Protection

  • UL1563, UL1310 Class 2 and CB approved

Technical Specifications

Type: Regulated Switching Mode Power Supply (≤10A, 13V DC)
Waterproof: Yes – IPx5
Input Voltage: 110-240V AC
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Efficiency: ≥87%
Power Consumption: ≤0.5W (at 240V AC)
Power Factor: ≥0.9 (at full load)
Short Circuit Protection: Continuous
Output Plug: 2x Female Spade Connectors (+13V DC (red), Neg (black))
Output Voltage: 13V DC regulated
Output Current: ≤10A
Ripple & Noise: 260mV (max)
Voltage Accuracy: ±5%
Line Regulation: ±5%
Load Regulation: ±5%
Operating Temperature: -20°C – 70°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C – 85°C
Dimensions: 49 x 234 x 110mm
Certification: UL1563 class2, UL1310, CSA, CE
Additional Features: Universal Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection,
Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection
Input Options: AQ-PSUS-1: US 3-prong Plug (110V AC)
AQ-PSTS-1: DSMT Plug (yellow) (240V AC)
AQ-PSJ-1: Gecko In-Link J-Cord (240V AC)
AQ-PST-1: Female Spade Connectors (110V-240V AC)
AQ-PSB-1: 4-pin Amp/MOLEX Connectors (110V-240V AC)