DemoPad Centro 8M Home Control Processor


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Combine the power of the app with the power of the processor.

DemoPad is proud to announce the much anticipated launch of our new affordable control and automation processor, the CENTRO-8M.

The CENTRO-8M is an extremely cost effective small form factor automation and control processor.

The CENTRO-8M is the heart of your control system, providing a link to your IP devices & control via IR & RS232. It also allows you to control your system with a standard IR remote control.


Powerful IP Networking Capabilities

Connect up to 20 simultaneous client devices (iOS / Android), and communicate with many more control devices through the IP network

Hard Button Remote Control

Use a standard IR remote control button press to activate user-definable functions within the system, just like a button on the app

Astronomically-aware Timer Events

Custom programming - for example: turn your lights on, 10 minutes after sunset, except on weekends & in the summer

Centrally Stored System Variables

When one user turns a zone on, any other user (including remote ones) also know about it

Programmable Audio Output

Play a custom doorbell or security alert sound through your audio system when an input triggers, or at certain times

Programmable HDMI Output

Have another input to your HDMI distrbution system, to show web pages or a photo frame slideshow programatically

Advanced Macros

Uses the same powerful logic driven macro generation routines as our control app

Built in Web Server With Browser Control

Store the DemoPad project on the CENTRO, and allow control through a web browser using the same customisable interface engine as our app

Designed With The Future In Mind

Added features will be available with future firmware updates


  • FREE App and FREE Pro Graphics included for iOS and Android

  • Control equipment via Infra-Red, RS232 or IP

  • 2-way LIRC IR compatible

  • Astronomically-aware timer events

  • Built in HTTP/HTTPS Web Server

  • Wired and 802.11n Wireless network connectivity

  • Audio and 1080p HDMI outputs offer Digital Signage / Media player features

  • IR functions can be used with any compatible 3rd party control system / app

  • Seamless integration with existing DemoPad software projects

Connectivity Ports

  • 3 x individually addressable Infra-Red output ports

  • 1 x bi-directional RS232 COM port (optional)

  • 1 x Infra-Red input port

  • 1 x HDMI output port

  • 1 x audio output port

  • 4 x USB port

  • 1 x Ethernet LAN port


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