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Fibaro Bluetooth HomeKit Single Switch

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Product Code: FGBHS-213

Brand: Fibaro

The wireless control module from FIBARO is all about tiny size and enormous possibilities. This device is the first on the market to work with the Apple HomeKit platform, being hidden in the junction box it allows you to manage the lighting and the electrical devices connected to the socket.

The multifunctional FIBARO Single Switch module is a device working with the Apple HomeKit platform, operating within the Bluetooth technology.

Thanks to its tiny size (only 42,5x38,25x20,3 mm) it will fit in any junction box. The module works within the scope of temperatures from 0 to 35°C and allows you to control the lighting, turn the power on and cut it off in the socket as well as manage the devices connected to it, which use up to 1840 W of power, remotely.

At the same time, the Single Switch enables you to monitor the energy levels consumed by the connected electronic devices – thanks to the Power Metering functionality the device is equipped with. The module measures the current power consumption and calculates the total electric energy consumption, based on which it is easy to estimate the cost of a given device working.

Additionally, the user receives notifications every time the connected device is turned on or off and when the energy consumption changes by 20% (or 200W) relative to the previous result.

3 reasons to choose the FIBARO Single Switch

  • It allows you to control the lighting remotely.

  • It enables you to cut off power from the socket

  • It controls the energy consumption levels

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    What is Fibaro?

    The FIBARO System is the most advanced wireless solution in the home automation market. The aesthetic style of the modules and sensors combined with how small they are provides you with the flexibility to place them anywhere in your home with minimal disruption to the existing décor.

    The wireless nature of the system means it can be retrofitted at any time so you can enjoy the benefits of having a smarter home now without the need to go through expensive renovations. The modular approach of FIBARO allows you to start small and grow as your needs change.

    FIBARO has a clear, simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor and control all aspects of your home. The user has the ability to remotely control the FIBARO system from anywhere in the world using their phone, tablet or computer via the FIBARO apps for Apple and Android devices.