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Product Code: FIBEFGWPG-111-5

Brand: Fibaro

The FIBARO Wall Plug is a remotely controlled plug-in switch with a built-in feature to measure power and energy consumption. FIBARO smart plug makes it possible to control electrical devices in a convenient, worry-free and maintenance-free way. It changes the color of the seamless crystal LED ring, informing you about the current load of the connected appliance with just a glance.

Wall Plug has been meticulously designed, down to every last detail. Let it enchant you with its sophisticated rounded design and high-end quality hardware. Breathtaking beauty and uncompromising reliability come together in this elegantly designed device.

Wall Plug doesn’t require any installation tools or electrician. Just take it out of the box, put it into an outlet, and plug in any electrical device you want to control. It is one of the most universal smart home devices that converts almost any type of household appliance plugged into it to a smart device. Using the mobile application, you can get the status of the connected device, see how much energy the connected device is using, and switch the devices on or off. This control is at your fingertips from anywhere around the world.

What sort of things can it be used for?

  • Use Wall Plug as a universal plug for any electronic devices.

  • Check the status of the device connected to The Wall Plug and see how much energy it is using, and switch the devices on or off.

  • Control the electricity consumption in your home by scheduling when the devices are on and save energy.

  • See clear and detailed graphs of current and historical data and charts showing the energy drain of each connected device using the mobile app.

  • Wall Plug recognises if the device is not working properly and it automatically shuts down the device or alerts you about the faulty appliances.

  • Wall Plug includes a soft glow setting that can be activated when used as a night light.

  • You can remotely limit access to any electronic device using the application.

  • Technical Details

  • Power supply: 230V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Rated load:

  • 13A - resistive loads

  • 8A - incandescent loads

  • 13A - inductive general purpose (cos???? = 0.75-0.8)

  • 700VA - inductive (Pilot Duty)

  • 750W - motor

  • 2.5A - electronic ballasts

  • To be used with G type sockets: NEMA 5-15-max load 13A

  • Operating temperature: 0°C – 40°C

  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 56 x 56 x 58.5mm

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    what is Fibaro?

    The FIBARO System is the most advanced wireless solution in the home automation market. The aesthetic style of the modules and sensors combined with how small they are provides you with the flexibility to place them anywhere in your home with minimal disruption to the existing décor.

    The wireless nature of the system means it can be retrofitted at any time so you can enjoy the benefits of having a smarter home now without the need to go through expensive renovations. The modular approach of FIBARO allows you to start small and grow as your needs change.

    FIBARO has a clear, simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor and control all aspects of your home. The user has the ability to remotely control the FIBARO system from anywhere in the world using their phone, tablet or computer via the FIBARO apps for Apple and Android devices.