Global Cache WF2SL iTach WiFi to Serial (RS232)

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The Global Cache WF2SL allows you to easily control RS232 equipment such as lighting control systems, heating systems and audio/visual equipment wit your mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device all wirelessly!

The WF2SL simply connects to your Wi Fi network allowing you to control infra red devices without installing new network cables.

Great for retro-fitting wireless home automation to existing properties or secondary buildings where you may not be able to cost-effectively install new cables.

Easy To Use

You can easily connect and control an RS232 device with your Global Cache WF2SL by simply connecting the WF2SL to your homes wireless network then connect the WF2SL to the device to be controlled via the normally open low voltage relay.

This is ideal for controlling light control systems, home automation systems, heating systems and high-end audio/visual equipment.

Home Automation System

When teamed up with a compatible application (such as Roomie Remote, iRule or Demopad) the Global Cache WF2SL becomes a very powerful home automation system for iPad, iPhone & Android devices.

You can connect as many Global Cache WF2SL or other iTach devices to your home network as required to control multiple doors, gates, projectors etc around your home.

Almost any electrical device can be connected and controlled, making the Global Cache WF2SL a very powerful iPad home automation system.

The Global Cache WF2SL can also be used in conjunction with the Global Cache WF2IR and the Global Cache WF2CC allowing you to create a comprehensive home automation system including controlling your home audio, televisions, lights, garage doors, gates, projector screens etc.

Apps & Software

There are many applications available to control the Global Cache WF2SL for iPhone, iPad, Android & Computer Software. For example… Roomie Remote, DemoPad, iRule

The Global Cache WF2SL is based on open systems and standards for easy integration and compatibility with PC based control software, iPhone/iPod/iPad control apps, and high-end control systems.

A full API is available meaning you can, if you wish, write your own custom apps and software for your own bespoke requirements.


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