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Mountson Premium Dock For Sonos AMP

Brand: Mountson
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Original Price £119.00 - Original Price £119.00
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£119.00 - £119.00
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The Mountson dock is precision engineered in high grade steel enabling you to securely hold the Sonos Amps on a wall. New unique highly flexible design allows you to arrange Sonos Amps in line or in seperate pairs.

We have made it very easy for the user to install and use. Clever cable management ensures a neat and discreet solution when installing with press fit cable covers so ‘floating with’ no visible brackets.

The wall mount is supplied in black to match the colour of Sonos Amps.


  • New unique highly flexible design: The Mountson Premium Dock features a new unique highly flexible design, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional versatility.

  • Precision engineered in high grade steel: Crafted from high-grade steel, the dock is precision-engineered to deliver durability and optimal performance.

  • Enables you to hold up to four Sonos Amps securely: The dock allows you to securely hold up to four Sonos Amps, offering flexibility in your audio configuration.

  • Sonos Amps can be arranged in line or in separate pairs: Customise your audio setup by arranging the Sonos Amps in line or in separate pairs, providing versatility in placement options.

  • Press fit cable covers so ‘floating with’ no visible brackets: Enjoy a clean and streamlined look with press-fit cable covers that create a 'floating' appearance without visible brackets, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your audio setup.

  • Can be mounted at the bottom of a cabinet: The dock can be conveniently mounted at the bottom of a cabinet, optimizing space utilization and offering flexible installation options.

  • Clever cable management: Benefit from clever cable management solutions that keep wires organised and out of sight, maintaining a neat and tidy appearance.

  • Quick, easy installation: Enjoy hassle-free setup with quick and easy installation procedures, allowing you to start enjoying your audio system in no time.
  • Brand: Mountson
  • Product Name: Mountson Premium Dock for 4 x Sonos Amps
  • SKU: MS614B
  • EAN Number: 5060888131147
  • Product Price: £ 119.00 
  • Product Dimensions: Width: 420mm - Height: 340mm - Depth: 76 mm - Weight: 2570g
  • Shipping Length: 36
  • Shipping Height: 19
  • Shipping Width: 26
  • Shipping Weight: 2962
  • Carton Contents: Wall Brackets, instructions

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