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Tado Smart Thermostat

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Product Code: V3P-ST01-TC-ML-00

Brand: Tado

For more comfort and savings than ever, just replace your existing thermostats controlling the boiler. For multi-room control you can also replace the radiator thermostats in each room.

Access each room or your boiler from anywhere, at any time via the tado° app on your phone. Easily check and adapt temperatures to your liking.

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 12 Months Energy Savings Guarantee
  • Pays for itself in the first year
  • 2-year warranty
tado° is not just about having internet access to your thermostats. tado° adapts to your behaviour to always ensure the perfect room climate and provides insights and recommendations.



Never heat an empty home. Based on the residents' location tado° helps you save when nobody is home and lets you pre-warm the house before your arrival.

Smart Schedule

Since the schedule is smart it only activates if somebody is home. Simply choose your sleep times and comfort temperatures for each day and the settings for when nobody is home.

Open Window Detection

tado° Smart Thermostats notice an open window and turn off the heat for as long as you want to keep the window open to prevent unnecessary heating.

Insightful Reports

See the temperature & humidity profile, heating & weather activity, when the windows were opened, and how much you have saved.

Air Comfort

tado° helps you achieve a healthier indoor climate with insights and specific advice, e.g. when and how long to open the windows, or if a room has a risk of developing mold.


Whenever tado° notices the last person has left the house, or a window was opened, you will receive a notification to toggle the setting for the heating. With Auto-Assist, the Geolocation and Open-Window-Detection are automated, letting tado° take care of your heating to greatly improve your comfort.


Smart Thermostat, mounting screws, dowels, adhesive pads, cable stickers, 3 AAA batteries


Power supply:
5-36V DC 0.2A / 4.5V DC - (3xAAA batteries, 1,200 mAh)

LED matrix 10 x 19 LEDs, 32 x 20 mm / buttons: 2x capacitive touch, 1x mechanical

temperature / humidity / ambient light

Dimensions (H x W x D):
Smart Thermostat 104 x 104 x 19 mm / Internet Bridge 81 x 27 x 22 mm / Full packaging: 175 × 175 × 116 mm

Smart Thermostat 132g / Internet Bridge 61g / Full packaging: 700 g

Environmental certifications:
German engineered, production certified: ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / BS OHSAS 18001 / EU RoHS compliant Recyclable packaging

2 year limited warranty

Internet connection:
Via Internet Bridge connected to an ethernet port of the home’s internet router

Radio communication (between devices):
868 MHz, Mesh (6LoWPAN)

Data encryption:
TLS 1.2 (SSL), 2048-bit Extended Validation Certificate / TLS 1.2 (SSL), 256-bit elliptic curve encryption / AES-CCM encryption

Product material and finish:
PC+ABS plastics/ white, matte

Multi-language support:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

Savings potential
based on a simulation study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Germany, 2013)

Google Home, IFTTT

** Smart Phone Is For Illustrative Purposes Only - Not Included **