It is very important to secure your property to protect both your posessions and your family. It's now pretty easy too! Here you'll find a range of intruder alarms and CCTV systems to help protect your home. Our ranges include Visonic intruder alarm systems which are completely wireless and can be easily fitted to any property.


Intruder Alarms

With intruder alarms such as Visonics PowerMaster G it's really easy to install a comprehensive intruder alarm system in your home. You can get various types of intrusion detection devices such as PIR detectors, both indoors and outdoors. You can get glass break and shock detectors. Door contacts are a very quick and easy way to secure windows and doors. Your alarm system can then alert you via the wireless sirens, a GSM or broadband dialer and even alert you via the app!


CCTV Cameras

Seeing what is going on around your home, whether you are there or not, is great for putting your mind at rest. It's also essential for seeing what happened in the event of a break in. CCTV has in many cases helped identify and catch thiefs. We have a range of indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras for your home including high definition IP cameras. If you can't get cables around then the are wireless CCTV cameras and most of our cameras are now really easy to install with just one cat 5 data cable required.


Perimeter Detection & Driveway Alerts

If you have a large garden or a long driveway then you should consider a perimeter detection system to help protect it. Perimeter detection usually consists of some high powered beam detectors installed wirelessly across entry points such as gates, pathways etc. When these beams are broken it can send an alert to the control box in your home. You can even make this active your home alarm system if armed.

Perimeter beam detectors are also great for integrating into a home automation system such as Fibaro. Breaking the beams can cause lights to come on, alerts to be sent to your phone, alarms to be sounded. All depending on the time of day or armed state of the alarm. 

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