CCTV Recorders

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CCTV Recorders


The CCTV recorder, known as the NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the heart of your CCTV system.

They come in various formats but here's the main things to look for.

Number Of Channels = the number of CCTV cameras you can connect to the system for recording and playback.

Hard Drive Size = this will determine how much footage you can record, and for how long. The more cameras you have, or the longer you want to keep recordings determines how many terabytes the hard drive should be.


NVR Features


Most of our NVRs & DVR's come with a whole host of features including motion detection, recording schedules and much more. Our IP NVR range has POE ports for direct camera connection.

All of our CCTV recorders have remote viewing capabilities with a smart phone app. You can also use free CMS software for computer viewing and playback.

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