Smart Home

Smart Home


Here you'll find a complete range of home automation products to turn your home into a smart home. With home automation you'll be able to control lights, power sockets, heating and audio visual equipment. Your smart home will work for you with automated events which can be as simple as turning the bedroom lights on when it's time to wake up. 

Security is a big element of smart homes, we have a range of CCTV cameras and intruder alarm systems that can be used stand alone or incorporated into a Z Wave home automation system such as Fibaro. This will mean you can do things such as turning the houses lights on when the intruder alarm sounds, receive remote alerts when an external beam detector is broken and much more.


Fibaro Z Wave

Fibaro is a wireless home automation system that can be retrofitted to almost any property. With Fibaro you can control lighting, power, blinds and shutters, gates and garage doors and even RGB/W LED lighting. Fibaro is a really reliable, high quality system that can transform your home into a fully featured smart home.


Lighting Control

Control your homes lighting from your smart phone. A true smart home features easy to use lighting control with "normal" light switches that all the family can use. Smart home lighting should then work for you, with automated events, holiday modes, control from your phone and other remote controls. This is all achievable whether it be a simple touch remote control light switch from Retrotouch or a full Fibaro Z Wave home automation system.



Control your heating from your smart phone with a wireless thermostat. Incorporate heating into your smart home system with Fibaro & Danfoss Z Wave TRV radiator valves. It's now easy to create a wireless heating system for your home.


Audio Visual Control

Here you'll find a wide range of products to help you control your home audio equipment. From simple infrared repeaters and extender kits right up to infrared IP controllers that enable you to control your home cinema from your iPad or iPhone.

Brands include Global Cache, DemoPad, Keene & many more. Compatible with many iPad & Android TV remote apps such as Simple Remote, MyURemote and many more. It's now easy and cost effective to create a home audio and video control system. 

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