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Systemline 7 On-wall Keypad 

Systemline 7

Multi-Room HiFi System


S7 has been designed to offer the best possible home music and TV experience while discretely complementing the design of your home.


  • Up to 24 fully independent music zones (including outdoor)
  • Support for Hi-Res music storage and reproduction (up to 4 x CD resolution)
  • Streaming on-demand music services from Deezer, Qobuz & Spotify etc
  • Streaming radio services from BBC iPlayer (including 7 day catch-up service) TuneIn & Shoutcast etc
  • Digital music storage of up to 2TB including Hi-Res music files
  • Fully customisable App optimised for all sizes of iPad & iPhones. Android App coming soon!
  • Open integration with 3rd party lighting and control systems including Crestron, Control 4, RTI, Fibaro and Lutron etc


Systemline 7 iPad and iPhone App 

Wireless Control


Full control of everything: via a very fast, simple to use, yet incredibly powerful App


The NetMusic App


The simple starting point

We recognise that not everybody is completely comfortable with navigating music using an iPad or iPhone, so we have created what we call the simple home page. This provides instant 'one touch' selection of any stored Favorites which could be radio stations, stored playlists, on-line playlists, or combinations of both. It really could not be simpler!


Unleshing the power of the App

But we predict that it wont be long before you will be keen to explore the world of music and to unleash the stunning power of the S7 NetMusic App. Just press the Systemline logo button and all will be revealled.

The world really is your oyster in terms of the choice of music available. Your own digital music collection is easily navigable by albums, artists or genre etc and access to on-demand music streaming services* guarantees pretty much unlimited choice. With the ease of navigation that only a fully integrated App can provide.

Playlists are created on-the-fly and can be readily edited and saved as a Favorite.

And this is just the begining The S7 NetMusic App is a 'power users' delight. We really have managed to create an App for everyone.

Each iDevice can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientation

*These are normally premium services and are subject to monthly fees



 Systemline 7 local input module  

TV / Local audio integration


A key feature of S7 is the ability to connect the audio output of a TV in any room in the home and seamlessly switch between music and TV sound, thus eliminating the need for intrusive soundbars.


The Local Input Module (LIM)

The LIM is designed to auto switch the Systemline system on when it detects a digital audio signal from compatible TV's*. This means that the action of switching on a TV will automatically feed the TV sound through the Systemline Hi-Fi speaker system. Likewise, it will switch off when the TV is switched off.

The LIM will even automatically switch from Systemline music to TV sound, and vice-versa once the TV is switched off.

A further bonus, is that both Sky & Virgin remotes can be used to directly control the volume & on/standby functions of the S7 system, so there is no need to use any other handset or mobile device when opperating the TV and using S7 as an 'invisible' soundbar.

This makes the whole experience as seamless and as simple as can be.

In instances where there is no requirement for TV sound connectivity, the LIM can be used to directly connect a local audio device such as an iPod/MP3 player.


Systemline 7 Ceiling Speaker

Professional 6.5" Ceiling Speakers



The Q Acoustics 6.5” Professional in-ceiling single stereo speaker features the latest stereo speaker technology that so that you can enjoy great sound with minimal installation. They give you the ability to listen to music throughout your home, even in bathrooms as they are moisture proof. Now you can listen to the same music in many rooms, where before it was practically impossible due to the impractical nature of having the speakers dotted around in each room.


Systemline 7 Ceiling Speaker

Performance 6.5" Ceiling Speakers



The advanced 'Nano particle' technology, incorporated into the cone material of the bass /midrange drive units of Q Install’s ‘Performance’ series loudspeakers, combined with numerous other enhancements, delivers clear sonic advantages. Now you can listen to the same music in many rooms, overcoming the impracticality of placing conventional, free standing speakers in every room.



On-ground Rock Speakers


Q-Install Rock Speaker

The Qi65LW is the perfect speaker for those who want to create music in a landscaped environment. Finished in a granite effect texture and incorporating a wide range 6.5” woofer and 1” tweeter, the Qi65LW visually blends into its environment when positioned within outdoor areas such as bordered patios or alpine gardens.



Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

Q-Install On-Wall Speaker


Featuring a tough UV resistant ABS enclosure and aluminium speaker grille, the Qi45 and Qi65EW in black and white finishes, is designed to provide many years of trouble free service whatever the weather. Its versatile mounting bracket make it both easy to install and the perfect solution for providing music in many applications; including outdoor dining and restaurant areas as well as indoor public spaces and conference facilities.



Wet Room Speakers

Q-Install Wetroom Speaker


These speakers can withstand the harshest of elements that means you can enjoy them in your bathroom, whilst using the stereo speaker technology that gives you superior sound wherever you may be.


In the age of wireless control, it is easy to overlook the massive benefits of an in-wall hard button or touch screen keypad. The two major advantages, are that unlike mobile device, they are always there. Furthermore, any required action is both simple and instant. No need to find your mobile device, enter the pass code and fire up the App. This is particularly useful in locations such as bedrooms and kitchens where there is a desire to avoid clutter and there is a the need to be able to quickly switch something on or off, or change the volume.


In Wall Control
KPS11 Keypad


Systemline 7 On-wall Keypad


The KPS11 hard button keypad is the most convenient way to quickly, easily control your S7 system. Simply walk in to a room and press a button to listen to your favourite radio station of music playlists. You can also puase and skip tracks as well as controlling the rooom volume.



Wall Mounted
iPod Touch TPM4

Systemline 7 iTouch Control


The TPM4 features a very high quality thin 'acrylic stone' fascia which is both beautiful and hard wearing. The mount is powered, which means that your iPod Touch is always charged. The TPM4 also benefits from a special feature of the NetMusic App, in that it does not require access to the home button to 'wake up'. Simply touch any part of the screen and the device will wake instantly!



Wall Mounted
iPad Mini TPM8

Systemline 7 iPad Control


The TPM8 features a very high quality thin 'acrylic stone' fascia which is both beautiful and hard wearing. The mount is powered, which means that your iPad Mini is always charged. The TPM8 also benefits from a special feature of the NetMusic App, in that it does not require access to the home button to 'wake up'. Simply touch any part of the screen and the device will wake instantly!



Systemline 7 HomeNet

Behind the scenes


The heart of Systemline S7 is the NetServer and one or more NetAmps, but dont worry, you wont see them, because they will be neatly hidden away in a purpose designed enclosure


Systemline 7 Server

The NetServer


Digital music storage and access to internet services

The NetServer is the repository for all of your stored music files (up to 24bit/192Kz). It boasts a capacity of more than 1 million tracks and it is the gateway for all of the internet services. The NetServer also supports automatic CD ripping & album art detection in addition to the transfer of existing digital music files over your network. iTunes integration is supported via a 3rd party application called SuperSync and it is recommended that your iTunes library is mirrored to the NetServer drive.



Systemline 7 Amplifier

The NetAmp


Compact Hi-Fi Amplification & zone control

The NetAmp connects to the NetServer via a direct digital connection with proviion for two further inputs and it provides stereo Hi-Fi amplification and control for each room. Each NetAmp services two rooms and Systemline S7 supports fully independent choice of music in up to 24 different rooms.

Higher power, higher performance purpose designed Systemline Amplifiers can be added to the system to provide even better Hi-Fi performance in selected rooms


S7 Connectivity


The base connectivity of S7 showing both the NetServer and NetAmp connected directly to the wireless router, with wireless control of both devices via a mobile device running iOS (minimum requirement iOS7)


Systemline 7 wiring


Price Your Own Systemline S7 Project


Use our free handy tool to design and price your ideal multi room audio system. If you like what you see then give us a call on 02392 006118

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