Motorised TV Brackets

Motorised TV Brackets

There are plenty of situations where you'll be unable to get the perfect TV viewing angle in your home, be that the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. You could use standard cantilever TV brackets but you'll need to get up to adjust it and to set the TV back to the wall once you've finished watching your shows.

Or you could use a cost-effect motorised TV bracket!

Now with just a touch of a button on the remote control your TV will swing down from the ceiling ready to watch, or your lounge TV can extend from the wall and tilt towards your seating area!

Motorised Flip Down Ceiling TV Brackets


Ideal for space saving or rooms with vaulted ceilings, the flip down motorised TV bracket holds your TV safely against the ceiling. At the press of a button on the remote control (or program your TV remote to operate the mount!) your TV will flip down from the ceiling to the perfect viewing angle.

This is also ideal for rooms with angled walls where you wouldn't be able to use a standard TV mount. Simply install the flip down motorised mount and save a preset to the perfect viewing angle, you can then fold it flat to the wall for space-saving when not in use!


Motorised 90 Degree Swing Out TV Bracket


Perfect for longer rooms or corner mounted TV's, this motorised TV bracket will hold your TV flat to the wall then at your command will swing out up to 90 degrees for the perfect viewing angle!

With two pre-set options you can recall your perfect viewing angle at the touch of a button, and adjust it further to suit any requirements.


Motorised Pan & Tilt TV Bracket


The pan/tilt motorised TV brackets are ideal for TV's from 32" to 60" and are ideal for rooms with two viewing positions i.e TV & Dining Room, Lounge & Dining Rooms etc.

At the press of a button the TV bracket will extend from the wall and tilt towards the desired position.


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