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Airpulse SM200 Active Precision Monitor Loudspeaker

Brand: AirPulse
SKU: SM200
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The Airpulse SM200 Precision Monitor Loudspeaker, designed by Phil Jones, delivers pristine, natural sound with a flat frequency response ideal for critical listening by music pros. Its unique horn-loaded ribbon tweeter and sturdy MDF cabinet ensure satisfaction, handling powerful audio without distortion.

Equipped with a Bi-Amping amplifier system and versatile input sockets, this compact speaker integrates seamlessly with subwoofers for optimal performance. Its ribbon tweeter and mid-bass driver, crafted with precision, offer wide frequency response and enhanced detail in complex waveforms.

The SM200's advanced amplifier system merges digital signal processing and analog amplification, ensuring precise frequency management for an exceptional audio experience. Boasting a high-performance Class-D power amplifier, it adapts to different acoustic environments with adjustable filters for customisation.


  • Natural Sound with a Flat Frequency: Experience audio purity with a flat frequency response, ensuring the most authentic sound reproduction.

  • Unique Horn-loaded Ribbon Tweeter: Enjoy exceptional accuracy and clarity in sound reproduction, thanks to the innovative horn-loaded ribbon tweeter technology.

  • High-performance Class-D Power Amplifier: Dive into high-fidelity audio powered by an efficient Class-D amplifier, delivering exceptional sound quality.

  • Innovative Design: Embrace innovation not only in sound but also in design, enhancing both your listening experience and your space's aesthetics.
  • Tweeter: Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

  • Mid-Woofer: “LONG THROW” 5.25 inch Aluminium cone Mid-Woofer

  • Frequency Response (+/- 3dB): 45Hz - 40kHz

  • Max.Peak SPL at 1M Per Pair: 104dB SPL

  • Crossover Frequency (Bass/Treble): 2.5kHz

  • Amplifier: 2 Ways Class D Amplifier (Bi-Amping)

  • Power Output: 65W for Woofer, 15W for Tweeter

  • Input Level Control Range: -70dB to +6dB

  • Input Sensitivity: XLR/TRS +4dBu (at 3dB) RCA -10dBV (at 3dB)

  • Inputs: XLR balanced input 10Kohm TRS balanced input 10Kohm RCA unbalanced input 10Kohm

  • Treble Trimmer: 4.5kHz shelf filter +/-3dB

  • Bass Trimmer: 250Hz shelf filter +/-3dB

  • High-Pass Filter/Slope: 20-100Hz, 6/12/18/24dB

  • Product Dimension(W×H×D): 185×315×318 mm/7.3x12.4x12.5 inch

  • Product Weight: 8.4kg/18.5lb

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