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Edifier B3 CineSound Soundbar - Tech4Edifier B3 CineSound Soundbar - Tech4
Edifier Edifier B3 CineSound Soundbar
Sale price£149.99
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Edifier B7 CineSound Soundbar & Subwoofer - Tech4Edifier B7 CineSound Soundbar & Subwoofer - Tech4
Edifier S70DB Soundbar & Subwoofer - Tech4Edifier S70DB Soundbar & Subwoofer - Tech4
Edifier Edifier S70DB Soundbar & Subwoofer
Sale price£449.99
In Stock
Edifier G7000 Gaming Soundbar with Wireless Sub - Black - Tech4Edifier G7000 Gaming Soundbar with Wireless Sub - Black - Tech4
Current Audio Soundbar with 8" Wireless Subwoofer - Tech4Current Audio Soundbar with 8" Wireless Subwoofer - Tech4
Monitor Audio SB-2 Passive Soundbar - Tech4Monitor Audio SB-2 Passive Soundbar - Tech4
Monitor Audio SB-3 Passive Soundbar For 60" + TV's - Tech4Monitor Audio SB-3 Passive Soundbar For 60" + TV's - Tech4
Denon Heos Home Cinema - Tech4Denon Heos Home Cinema - Tech4
Denon Denon Heos Home Cinema
Sale price£629
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Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar - Tech4Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar - Tech4
Sonos Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar
Sale price£699
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Here you’ll find a wide range of soundbars to suit every budget and requirement. We only sell the best brands with the best sound quality for your peace of mind.

Soundbars are primarily used to seriously enhance the sound output from your television, you can even get dolby atmos soundbars with subwoofer & rear satellite speakers for the full home cinema experience.

You can also use soundbars for streaming your favourite music as most have Bluetooth and/or WiFi receivers.


HDMI Input: If your television features Audio Return Channel (ARC) then you can simply connect your TV to your soundbar with a simple HDMI cable. You’ll also benefit from soundbar control via something called HDMI-CEC. This lets your standard TV remote control your soundbar.

Optical Input: For everything else there’s the high quality digital optical audio input. Most soundbars will have the ability to learn the commands from your standard TV remote for seamless volume control.

Bluetooth: Soundbars aren’t just for watching TV! You can easily stream your music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth and enjoy room-filling high quality sound.

WiFi Multiroom: Multiroom is becoming more and more popular and is now found as standard on a lot of mid to high end soundbars such as the Orbitsound ONE P70W. Multiroom lets you stream music from your smart phone and sync multiple speakers together in perfect harmony. For instance you could play music from your P70W soundbar in the living room and your Orbitsound Dock in the kitchen in perfect sync.

Dolby Atmos: If movies are your thing then consider a dolby atmos soundbar such as the one from Vizio. You’ll benefit from immersive surround sound that lets you enjoy your films the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

Subwoofer: Most soundbars will feature a subwoofer, some are built in and some offer a separate freestanding subwoofer for more powerful bass. 


There are many soundbar brands on the market, here at TECH4 we stick to the higher end soundbars that’ll give you a serious sound upgrade on your existing TV and will beat the standard off-the-shelf soundbars you’ll find in big box stores.

Our range includes Vizio which has been voted America’s number 1 soundbar brand, Orbitsound which offers the immersive AirSound technology and Edifier with their stylish high res audio soundbars.

If you need help choosing then feel free to email, live chat or call one of our experts on 02392 006118

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