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Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

Legend Vinyl Velvet Dust Brush

Brand: Legend Vinyl
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Velvet dust brushes are much more effective than carbon brushes when it comes to removing dust and dirt because velvet attracts dust!

A carbon fibre brush will simply push the dust around but not actually remove it.

Our Legend Vinyl dust brush is made from a high-grade polyester velvet with longer fibres, which go deeper into the grooves of your record.

The velvet pad will attract any surface dust and debris and remove it effectively without scratching or damaging the surface. 

The simplest way of use is to remove the dirt with the brush while your LP is on the (rotating) platform of the record player, starting at the centre and gradually moving out to the edge.

The brush should be used dry to take dust off your LP before playing. For a deeper clean, use our Legend vinyl advanced cleaning solution after removing surface dust with the velvet brush. 

Don’t forget to regularly clean the velvet pad of the brush: this is the place where the dust and dirt that comes off your records accumulates so it is important to keep it clean.

Simply brush off the dust or rinse in lukewarm water for a deeper clean.


This super soft velvet dust brush is essential to enjoy the best possible sound from your vinyl record and LP collection.

Use dry or with isopropyl alcohol cleaning fluid sprayed on to the record surface (Note – cleaning fluid available separately).

This record cleaning brush is the perfect record cleaner for vinyl.


The comfortable and natural grip of this vinyl record cleaner allows for precise cleaning. Plastic free so you are helping the planet.

An essential part of your record cleaning kit.


Gently rotate this velvet brush around the surface of your vinyl two or three times to allow the velvet to discharge the build up of static, which then releases the dust particles that have gathered in the delicate grooves of the record.

You will immediately enjoy better sound quality.


Well cared for vinyl should last a lifetime.

Records and LPs that are regularly cleaned deliver better sound and more enjoyment for longer, so use this product every time you place a vinyl record on your turntable.

Less dust means the delicate stylus on the turntable arm will have a longer life too.

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