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About Gaming Headsets

If you’re a big gaming fan then you’ll definitely want some high quality gaming headphones or gaming headset to maximise your performance and enjoyment.

You’ll find a wide range of gaming headphones with microphones, virtual surround sound and more here at TECH4.


Virtual Surround Sound: Hear every bullet rip past you with virtual 7.1 surround sound gaming headphones for a totally immersive gaming experience.

Soft Ear Cups: We know what it’s like when you get into a game, an hour turns into five before you know it! So it’s important to choose a comfortable gaming headset which is why we recommend looking out for super-soft ear cups such as the Alpha Bravo range of gaming headphones.

Microphone: Gaming headsets with built in noise cancelling microphones are an absolute must. Talk with absolute clarity when playing multiplayer online games with your friends. No more muffled speech!


At TECH4 you’ll find top brands such as Pioneer, Audio Technica, Alpha Bravo & Edifier. We stick to the top brands so you can be confident that you’re buying a quality gaming headset or headphones.

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