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12 products

    12 products
    EDIFIER G1000 Bluetooth RGB Gaming Speakers with Bluetooth Active Speakers Edifier
    EDIFIER G1000 Bluetooth RGB Gaming Speakers with Bluetooth
    • 5W RMS
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • AUX Input
    • RGB Lights

    Here you'll find a wide range of gaming speakers to enhance your gaming experience, improve the look of your desk and hopefully even help you to rack up those wins.

    The majority of the team at TECH4 are gamers and our desks are mostly adorned with Edifier G series speakers, Edifier R1700BT's and the new Q Acoustics M20.



    Further enhance your gaming setup with RGB colour changing lights built-in to some of the top speakers such as the Edifier G5000 and the Edifier G7000. Cycling through multiple vibrant colours these really set the scene and make any can improve the look of any gaming setup.


    When gaming it's important to feel the action and understand where the sound is coming from. All of our systems are 2.0 stereo with true left and right so you'll hear the action where it's actually happening.

    Some systems such as the Edifier G2000 and G7000 have dynamic gaming modes that tune the sound output specifically to suit gaming. This gives you an audible edge over the competition as you'll hear every detail.


    Our systems can be connected to your TV or your computer depending on how you prefer to game!

    Most have analogue audio inputs that can connect to PC, Mac or even your monitor. But others also feature digital optical audio outputs and USB for higher resolution sound quality.


    In your down-time you can connect your smartphone and stream your favourite tunes. Our gaming speaker range is versatile and maximises value for money. Stream music, watch movies, create content. You name it our speakers can likely excel at it.


    Want to feel more in the action? If so take a look at the systems that feature a wireless subwoofer such as the Edifier G7000 or the Edifier M601DB. Alternatively some of our systems have a subwoofer output such as the Q Acoustics M20 allowing you to connect to an active subwoofer of your choice.

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