Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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Elevate your audio game to new heights with our exceptional range of Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers.

Whether you’re looking to add music into your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living space our collection of high-quality ceiling speakers offers the perfect blend of style, performance, and convenience.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Benefits

Easy To Install: Installing our Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers is a breeze, even for those without extensive technical expertise. All of the ceiling speakers that you’ll find in this collection are ready to install bundles with everything you need to get up and running. 

Most of our customers are getting their systems installed by their electrician, builders or installing it DIY style.

Easy To Use: All of our Bluetooth ceiling speakers are extremely easy to use. Bluetooth is a point to point technology that allows your phone to connect to the ceiling speaker and play any content from your phone including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. Simply pair your phone and play your favourite music from whichever apps you prefer!

Discreet: Designed to seamlessly blend into any environment, our ceiling speakers are a perfect choice for those who prioritise aesthetics. These speakers sit discreetly in your ceiling, allowing you to maximise your space while maintaining a sleek, clutter-free appearance.

The flush mounted ceiling speakers barely protrude from the ceiling and all come complete with a white magnetic grille (unless otherwise stated) which can be spray painted any colour to match your bespoke interior.

Wireless: Say goodbye to tangled wires and cluttered spaces. Our Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers provide you with the freedom to stream your favourite music, podcasts, or audiobooks effortlessly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. With a simple pairing process, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound without the need for complicated installations.

Voice Control: >Most Bluetooth ceiling speakers can also be paired to a voice assistant such as an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home device for hands-free voice control. Perfect for the kitchen or bedroom, just ask Alexa to play your favourite music and your speakers will spring to life.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Types

  • Active / Passive: Active Bluetooth ceiling speakers have risen in popularity such as the popular Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers. They feature a built-in amplifier to one of the speakers along with a Bluetooth receiver.

    This makes for a fast and easy installation with minimal wiring required. It also makes them quite easy to retrofit into an existing room without having to chase out any walls.

    In this setup you simply connect the master speaker to a 230v power supply, which can be from the lighting circuit, then connect the passive speaker into the master speaker with a speaker cable.

  • Amplifier + Speakers: The more traditional amplifier + ceiling speakers route gives you a lot more flexibility and choice over amplifiers, features and speaker quality. We have discreet in wall amplifier options such as the Systemline E50 or the Q Acoustics E120 which feature a stylish in wall panel that powers the ceiling speakers and allows for control of volume, tracks etc.

If outright sound quality is of the most importance then you can also look at our ceiling speaker + HiFi amplifier bundles such as the Tangent Ampster BT II and the Mission 778X.

Whilst these systems require a bit more cabling than the active speakers, it’s still relatively easy. You’d power the amplifier from a standard socket outlet then wire out to each ceiling speaker with 2 core speaker cable. The amplifier can be installed in a kitchen cupboard, on a TV stand, on the side etc.

These bundles combine HiFi quality amplifiers with ceiling speakers for a semi-discreet but high sound quality ceiling speaker system with Bluetooth.

So if you were wondering “Do Bluetooth ceiling speakers need cables?” then the answer is yes, you’ll need 230v power to the amplifier and speaker cable to the speakers but once installed your phone will talk to the system without wires.

Choosing Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

It may seem daunting to choose your ceiling speaker system, but trust me it’s a lot easier than it seems!

  • Room Size: How big is your room? We recommend that you install one pair of speakers for every 20-25 square metres. So for most of your average UK rooms you’d be looking at one pair of speakers. For larger open plan kitchen / dining rooms up to around 10 metres by 6 metres you’d be looking for four speakers.

  • Music Sources: All of the ceiling speakers on this collection feature Bluetooth, but some also feature FM / DAB radio tuners and other inputs such as aux, RCA or optical audio which can be used for connecting TV’s, record players etc. So consider what music sources you want to use, if any, other than Bluetooth and choose a system with the right inputs.

    A common question we get asked is “Can I Connect Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers To A TV?”. The short answer is yes and it can greatly increase your TV watching experience, but please check the specific system. The Sonos AMP can connect to a TV via HDMI and the TV controls the volume seamlessly. The Lithe Audio speakers can often connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Systemline E50 and Q Acoustics E120 can also connect into a TV with a cable.

  • Installation: Next let’s consider your installation, is the room completely finished? If so then the active Bluetooth ceiling speakers such as the ones from Lithe Audio are much easier and quicker to install without needing to chase any walls. If however you’re fitting out a new kitchen then you have much more freedom with wiring and can opt for any system without any installation issues.

  • Sound Quality: Consider your audio goals, are you looking for the absolute best sound quality possible with a larger budget? Then consider an amplifier + ceiling speakers + subwoofer combination such as the ones from Sonos or Tangent. If you’re looking for great quality background sound on a more modest budget then the Systemline E50, Q Acoustics E120 or the KB Sound Star range are almost unbeatable sound-for-pound.

With all of that in mind you’ll find it a lot easier to determine the best Bluetooth ceiling speaker system for your home.

Rest assured that we at TECH4 have been helping customers with ceiling speaker systems for over 10 years now, everything on our website is great quality and will provide you with a great home audio experience.

We’re also on hand to help you with any questions you may have, please contact us by email, live chat or by calling us on 02392 006118

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