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Edifier R1280T & Audio-Technica LP60X Turntable & Speaker Bundle

SKU: TB7281
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Colour: Black
Turntable Type: Standard + USB (LP60XUSB)

Whether you’re just getting into records, rediscovering a record collection long since buried away or simply adding a turntable to complete your system, this fully automatic belt-drive turntable and speakers system is an excellent choice.

Just place your favourite record, hit start, sit back and enjoy your music.

This affordable, easy-to-use turntable and speaker package plays both 33 and 45 RPM records and with its built-in phono preamp it plugs seamlessly into the amplified active speakers with no further equipment required.


  • PLUG & PLAY BUNDLE: This bundle comes with everything you need, including cables, to get started listening to vinyl records. Just add your records and enjoy your music.

  • POWERFUL SOUND: Paired with the popular Edifier R1280T active bookshelf speakers you’ll get rich, powerful sound from the built-in 42W RMS Class-D digital amplifier.

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC: Simply place a record on the platter and hit the start button. The tone arm will automatically raise, move over to the record and start playing. When your record finishes it’ll automatically move back to the rest position and stop playing.

  • BUILT IN PREAMP: The built in switchable preamp allows you to connect this turntable directly to the included active speakers without needing any additional equipment. 

  • DUAL MAGNET CARTRIDGE: Integral Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge with replaceable diamond stylus (ATN3600L)

  • TWO SPEEDS: The LP60X can play both 33 rpm and 45 rpm records. A simple switch allows you to choose the turntable speed and the record size.

  • DIE CAST PLATTER: The anti-resonance, die cast platter offers great stability allowing you to experience the high-fidelity audio of vinyl records.



    All models in the LP60X range are the same core turntable with the same spec, quality and features, however there are two models to choose from. 


    If you just want to connect a turntable to your speakers or amplifier via cable and enjoy your records then the standard LP60X is the go-to model.


    The LP60XUSB version is the same as standard with the addition of a USB output allowing you to connect to your PC or Mac to record your vinyl records to digital audio files.


    • Type: Fully Automatic
    • Motor DC: Servo Controlled
    • Drive Method: Belt Drive
    • Speeds: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
    • Turntable Platter: Aluminium
    • Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.25% (WTD) @ 3 kHz (JIS)
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >50 dB (DIN-B)
    • Output Level: Pre-amp “PHONO”: 2.5 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec Pre-amp “LINE”: 150 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec
    • Phono Pre-Amp Gain: 36 dB nominal, RIAA equalized
    • Power Supply: Requirements 115/230V AC, 60/50 Hz
    • Dimensions: 359.5 mm x 97.5 mm x 373.3 mm
    • Weight: 2.6 kg


    • Total power output: RMS 21W x 2
    • Signal to noise ratio ≥85dBA
    • Input sensitivity: PC: 750mV ± 50mV | Aux: 550mV ± 50mV
    • Distortion: ≤0.05%
    • Audio input Dual RCA input (RCA - RCA and RCA to AUX)
    • Adjustment: Volume, bass and treble adjustment, remote control
    • Subwoofer / bass unit: 4 inch (106mm) Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
    • Tweeter unit: Φ13mm silk domed tweeter, Magnetically shielded, 4Ω
    • Weight: 4.9Kg Net | 5.65Kg Gross
    • Dimension: 146mm x 234mm x 196mm (WxHxD)

    Q. What's The Difference Between The Standard And The USB Version?

    A. They are both the same turntable, however the USB option has a USB connection port which allows you to connect it to a computer and digitise your vinyl records with appropriate software. If you don't want to record your vinyl records then go for the standard version.


    Q. Do I Need An Amplifier Or Anything Else To Get Up And Running?

    A. Nope, this is a complete ready to go turntable with speaker system. You get the speakers with built in amplifier, the turntable and all required cables. Just add vinyl records!


    Q. Can I Also Connect A CD Player / Radio Tuner / Other Source?

    A. Yes, there are two RCA line inputs, your record player will plug into one but you can also connect another audio source and switch between them without the need to unplug cables each time.


    Q. Are These Speakers Wireless?

    A. No, you need to plug the speakers into a socket outlet to power them. The master active speaker then wires to the passive speaker using the included 2 core speaker cable. The turntable will then plug into the active speaker via the included RCA audio cable.


    Q. Can I Connect My Phone To The Speakers Via Bluetooth?

    A. No, the R1280T does not feature Bluetooth. If you want to stream music as well as listen to records check out the R1280DB turntable with speaker bundles instead.


    Q. Can I Plug In Headphones?

    A. You can't connect headphones to the speakers, you can connect them into the turntable via an appropriate headphone amplifier though.

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