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OSD Audio Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers & Subwoofer System

Brand: OSD Audio
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Original Price £649.00
£649.99 - £799.99
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Out Of Stock
No. Of Speakers: 2

The new Bluetooth Powered Wireless 8" Omni Subwoofer with Built In Amp from OSD Audio is a wire & play outdoor speaker system designed for ease of use and installation.

You'll be the talk of your neighbours thanks to the bass of this subwoofer coupled with the highs and lows of the paired LS3 Speakers, pushing amazing sound around your neighborhood parties.

8" Subwoofer

Your next outdoor BBQ will now be rocking with our BOM4.1.2, 4.1 Bluetooth®-enabled outdoor subwoofer/satellite system that goes beyond bass.

This versatile audio system includes a 4.1 digital amplifier to connect additional outdoor speakers for a viable, acoustically blended outdoor audio experience.

The 8” subwoofer enclosure includes a 360-degree omni directional design for simple placement, and the BOM4.1.2 is Bluetooth®-enabled so you don’t need to run wire from your audio source to the subwoofer.

Merely pair it with your tablet or cellphone for wireless command of your music library or streaming services.

Two stereo outputs and a separate digital amplifier enables you to connect upto two pairs of landscape speakers or satellite speakers for full range and maximum volume.

Designed with all-weather components including an IP67-rated power supply that is shielded against cold, hot and wet climates, this durable outdoor subwoofer comes with an antique bronze cabinet that merges effortlessly into backyards and eco-friendly landscapes.

Landscape Speakers

The LS3-PE Landscape Outdoor Speaker Pair is an ideal set if you're adding a slick, modern look to your outdoor space.

These speakers provide premium audio quality and feature sealed enclosures that render them completely weatherproof.

Each comes with an integrated drive-baffle assembly to convey powerful sound where you work, play and spend time with family and friends.

Choose between two or four satellite speakers to create the perfect system for your garden.


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